Attentions or light flirting? How not to cross the line with other men if you are married? And why do you need this communication at all?

Why are you looking for the attention of men, even if you love your husband (4 reasons)

All women love attention from men. Agree, it's nice even when your beloved husband is waiting at home, and a colleague at work just decided to bring you a cup of coffee or presented you flowers for your birthday not from the whole office, but personally from himself without any hint. Gallant representatives of the male half of humanity are so kind in communication. But, perhaps, they do not just show you signs of attention, but frankly flirt with you at corporate parties and in private. How bad is it, can a married lady accept signs of attention and flirt with strangers? Trying to figure it out.

1. Lack of attention from the husband

Not every representative of the fair sex can boast that her husband pays enough attention to her, speaks beautiful words, makes compliments - in a word, makes her feel that she is the best. Some women really lack the manifestation of feelings and emotions from the second half. They want to feel wanted, interesting, inspiring, but they cannot get all this in marriage. It remains to hope for flirting with familiar and unfamiliar men.

There are even such ladies who start their own pages on dating sites or use social networks in order to always be in good shape and not lose the feeling of their own irresistibility. At the same time, they are wonderful wives and mothers, they love their husbands, but they always lack something for complete happiness.

2. Addiction to narcissism

Who Said Narcissism Is A Purely Masculine Trait? Nothing of the kind, women are also subject to this phenomenon. The desire to be in the spotlight, to arouse admiration, to bathe in the rays of glory - for some, this is everyday life. Here, of course, one can argue: to say that narcissists are not able to love someone other than themselves, for example, their own husband, but the fact of the matter is that the partner just adores his narcissist, and this love can be more than enough for two.

What is the essence of the desire to please strangers? Oddly enough, behind the outer gloss and success of the opposite sex of a narcissistic lady may well hide global self-doubt and a desire to constantly feel the approval of others, in this case, of the opposite sex. So thatflirting for such women is a way to increase their self-esteem and once again "feed" energy and admiration from men. Narcissists often act like energetic “vampires” on other people, so it shouldn't be surprising that they need constant attention.

3. Low self-esteem

Another type of ladies flirting with strangers can be attributed to those who persistently need constant confirmation of their feminine attractiveness and solvency. For such representatives of the fair sex, men who show them signs of attention are like a mirror that reflects their beauty and significance. If there is no attention, then the mood worsens, and self-doubt begins to progress. Such people are dependent on someone else's opinion, since on the basis of it they form an opinion about themselves. It looks something like this: "I am given signs of attention, which means I can be liked, therefore, I am beautiful."

4. Role-playing games

It's no secret that the intensity of passions, the brightness of feelings and emotions do not last too long in a relationship. Feelings need to be nourished and aroused genuine interest in your person from a partner with whom you have lived not one, not two or three years. How best to do this, each couple decides for themselves. Some agree with a partner about what facets of what is permissible in their marriage, and, accordingly, allow their soul mate and coquetry, and flirting, and compliments to outsiders men and women. All this can happen both in real life and in virtual life.This is a game, the main goal of which is to save the marriage and trust your partner.

By and large, there is nothing wrong with flirting , as long as everything is just on communication and there is nothing more behind it. Of course, it is important to understand what you get for yourself by flirting with strangers. After all, we are not always talking about self-esteem, self-doubt, or the fact that the husband does not pay attention. Quite often, the reason for flirting is dissatisfaction with the relationship with your husband, and flirting acts as a kind of compensation for what you did not succeed. thereforeit is certainly worth analyzing your behavior in order to understand what exactly you are missing in this life.