You don't have to kiss in the cold to face chapped lips. We will tell you where the problem comes from and what to do with it.

What to do with chapped lips: products and life hacks

Most often, the skin on the lips begins to crack due to excessive dryness. This is because there is no such concentration of sebaceous glands as in the rest of the skin. So thatcold weather, heating, aggressive cosmetic products and the habit of licking your lips (you can do it unconsciously) will give just that result. 

An important point: lips never crack immediately - this is preceded by dryness, peeling, maybe even a burning sensation on the skin. So if you are careful, an unpleasant situation can be prevented.

Not only the weather

Although we are talking mainly about the influence of environmental factors on the delicate skin of the lips, the weather is not the only reason here. Dermatologists say that cracking can lead to irritation of the mucous membrane from a certain productor allergic to it. The condition is called contact cheilitis and is usually triggered by pigments in lipsticks, fragrances in cosmetics, and food.

Also, be careful when leaving, especially if you use products with acids on your face... Designed to exfoliate dead cells, they can get on the lips and act on them. So it is more useful and correct to first use lip balm - and only then proceed with acid peeling or washing. 

How to deal with cracked lips

In most cases, the skin on the lips will repair itself quite easily. You only need to properly nourish them with the balm. But if our situation is more complicated, you need to takethe right lip balm and apply it 3-4 times a day... 

It is important that the balm contains nutrients with proven effectiveness, such as petroleum jelly, castor oil, ceramides , shea butter. It's good if the balm has an SPF, which means it contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, sunscreen ingredients that work well in this direction too. 

Also try drink more waterbecause hydration in case of any dryness is never superfluous. And get into the habit of tightly applying the balm on the skin of your lips before going to bed, following the example of a mask - this will help prevent chapped lips and always feel comfortable. It also makes the lips noticeably more voluminous .