Those who follow beauty trends could not help but notice that the eyebrows on the faces of the models are slowly disappearing. We have to admit: "sable" is no longer in vogue - we are preparing for the return of eyebrow strings.

Thin eyebrows are back: how it will be and is it worth following the trend

How did it happen

To be honest, there is nothing particularly surprising about the return of thin eyebrows. Trends in beauty, as well as in fashion (and, there is a suspicion, in general), are cyclical. Theirre-invent, revise, modernize- but the essence remains. Therefore, even when a few years ago everyone was obsessed with thick and wide eyebrows, this could be predicted. 

What will we do

First, don't panic. No onedoesn't make you "wear" thin eyebrowsif you don't want it. But there is one important point: if your eyebrows are naturally thinner than you used to dye, perhaps they really should be made a little thinner.

It is no coincidence that eyebrows draw on their clients whole geometry problems, because for the face of each of us, eyebrows of their own shape and size are "intended"  . 

Secondly (if you still want to be in trend), to understand that plucking eyebrows - which, as you know, then do not grow a hundred years later - is not at all necessary. Help herecorrect makeup and makeup artist advice...

How to draw thin eyebrows

How to draw thin eyebrows

There are several ways to make your eyebrows thinner than they are, almost without touching your own. Here's what we like:

  1. Use a lighter eyebrow gel.If you have dark enough eyebrows, you can tone them down with a light shade styling gel . So they will not become thinner, but they will definitely become less noticeable on the face. After that, take a pencil of your color and additionally paint over only the central part of the eyebrow.
  2. Draw new eyebrows.An option for those who like everything to be flawless, we spied on drag queens. For him, natural eyebrows must be literally glued to the skin using wax for styling (clerical glue is also used, but for safety reasons it is better to refuse this method), and then properly cover it with foundation. When you are left without eyebrows, you can draw any you want.
  3. Lightened some of the hairs.Dark-haired girls who decide to become blondes often turn to lightening of eyebrows. And you can try too: just be sure to do a patch test of the paint to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, and don't keep it for very long.