Model Miranda Kerr swears that the secret of her elastic skin is in a regular brush. Well, not quite ordinary, but wooden and rather stiff bristles, which she uses to massage. Let's figure out what it is and how it works.

The body is in business: how to do dry massage correctly

What is dry brush massage

It's simple: it is a process by which the body gently and circularly massagedusing a special brush with a long or short handle (or maybe without it at all - as it is more convenient for anyone). This helps rid the skin of dead cells so that any care products applied afterwards work better. And even if it is an ordinary cream, fans of dry massage assure, you will definitely see the effect. 

What exactly can you get

In fact, this simple home procedure has many benefits:

  • First, like any massage, she improves blood circulation... After the skin turns red - but this is not a cause for concern. It's just that the blood now more actively delivers nutrients to the body, which is undoubtedly good. 
  • Secondly, lymphatic drainage occurs, so that metabolic products (you know them as toxins) and excess fluid are more likely to be removed from the body.
  • Thirdly, the skin becomes softer and smootherdue to the fact that we remove all unnecessary from it. Together with the dead particles, dirt and oils also go away.

How to do it right

  1. First, make sure that your the brush is really dry (for this, advice, it should not be stored in the bathroom, even if there are, as it seems to you, corners inaccessible to moisture);
  2. Start at the ankles and work your way up... Be careful with tender areas like the abdomen or under the breasts - but with the buttocks and back, on the contrary, you can be tougher;
  3. Don't press too hard on your skin, but do not drive the massager like a feather. The force you apply in the process should be moderate.

What other recommendations are there

  • Although you can do this massage anytime, it works best. right in front of the shower... And don't forget to thoroughly moisturize your skin with lotion after washing to maximize the effect.
  • The ideal massage frequency is 1-2 times a week... And for sensitive or allergic skin, think about once every two weeks.
  • If you have a dermatological condition such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis , be sure to talk to your doctor about massage. Without knowing it, you can make your symptoms worse or interfere with treatment.