Plain baby powder - and how many uses. If you still haven't included this budget cosmetic product in your beauty routine, get it right.

Tested on Adults: 5 Ways to Use Baby Powder for Your Beauty

1. Dry shampoo

First and foremost, baby powder can work like dry shampoo. The latter, by the way, are now produced in the format of mousse, gel and powder, sothe product is essentially the same, and the savings are obvious. To give your hair cleanliness (and, by the way, additional volume), you need to grind a little powder in your palms, gently "drive" into the parting - and comb. 

2. Transparent powder

If your cosmetic bag is not yet fixing powder white, which does not tint at all, but only mattes the face, you lose a lot. It is an amazing product that prolongs the durability of any makeup. And yes, baby powder can become such a powder if you work with a fluffy brush.

3. Matt lipstick 

Take a small eyeshadow brush, put some powder on it, and then go over the lips, previously painted with creamy lipstick. A beautiful matte finish is guaranteed. Also, if the color is very saturated,this can be done with a paper napkin... Then first apply a napkin to your lips - and already on them "poke" with a brush. 

4. Volume lashes

False eyelashes, volumizing mascara or eyelash primer? Yes, all this will help you get impressive volume - but not only. Another waymake doll eyelashes(especially when it is urgently needed, for example, for a photo shoot) baby powder will become. Paint over with mascara in one layer, “powder” with any brush that is at hand, and then apply a second layer of mascara. Done!

5. Bushy eyebrows

It just seems that it is not so difficult to grow plucked eyebrows - in fact, the process will take years, and it is not a fact that anything will come of it at all. So if you are passionate about how you want to add thickness to your eyebrows, use the same powder. The action plan is similar to the eyelashes:cover with transparent gel, “powder”, Apply a tint eyebrow gel. And Lily Collins immediately begins to envy;)