The column "Marital status" in social networks is about to become a full-fledged replacement for a wedding or engagement ring. If you have been dating for several months and, it seems, are ripe to officially recognize yourself as a couple - how to correctly write about it on your page and is it worth doing in principle?

Status "in a relationship": when to put it on social networks and is it worth it

In secret to the whole world

Even if you can't wait to share your newfound happiness with your friends and acquaintances and at the same time you are sure that your partner fully shares your desire  - all the samefirst talk to him if he is ready for a public change of status. On social media, you can usually send a request to a person to confirm that you are dating. But if there is no confirmation, such "semi-anonymous" statuses do not look particularly convincing.

Nevertheless, you may well start a conversation with your man about "legitimizing" your relationship online if:

  1. you have been in contact with your partner for more than three months;
  2. you at least twice appeared together at some events where your and his friends or your mutual acquaintances were;
  3. you regularly make general plans for the weekend or even have already spent a vacation together;
  4. with any past relationship, both you and he are definitely over;
  5. neither your nor his page contains fresh "reprehensible" content such as sentimental poems about past love or photos from a strip club.
If you can answer “Yes” to only one or two of these items, do not rush to change your status. Are you sure you can be called a couple?

Selfie or relfie?

A self-portrait is a double self-portrait in which you are captured together with your significant other. Keep in mind that most social media users unequivocally find this type of "self-photo" the most annoying. But how else can you show others how much you love each other?

Are your faces so close and ready to push the button? Stop. First, remember the basic rules for a successful double shot.

  1. You must be on the same emotional wavelength. Men do not really like to be photographed, and even more so to take four dozen identical frames in order to choose the most successful later. And a photo where you smile, and your companion looks displeased and sour, certainly will not convince the audience of the depth and sincerity of your feelings.
  2. Respect each other's right to privacy. Before tagging a man in a photo (especially if you have been together not so long ago), be sure to ask if he minds. Refusal does not necessarily mean a crime such as having a parallel relationship: perhaps he just does not like how it turned out, and it is unworthy of a real stern man to admit it.
  3. Selfie is not only about emotions , but also about the overall beauty of the composition, so in a couple the role of a photographer is better played by someone who has longer arms and more experience in this matter, so that not only your noses and cheeks are in close-up in the frame. Focus and framing also play a role: make sure that the photo does not turn out blurry, and that a piece of a lamp post does not suddenly "sprout" out of your partner's head.

Into the account "Three"!

If you've agreed to publicly declare your relationship and the prospect seems equally inspiring to both, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Close people should separately and in advance inform that everything is so serious with you and your loved one. Even if your mother has only a godforsaken Odnoklassniki account and she goes on the Internet a couple of times a month, there may well be a well-wisher who wants to discuss with her the exciting prospects of your personal life before you do it. Not good...
  2. It is better to make a sub-lock post for friends with a joint photo and a short text about how happy you are.Ordinary subscribers, among whom there are probably rejected gentlemen, nail masters in search of clients and just strange people, do not need to know too much personal information about you.
  3. Your “official statement” can be a trigger for someone's sudden revelations. Unpleasant facts from your or his past may come to light, so it's best to first honestly talk about everything you need to know about each other. Actually, this should be done without the potential threat from social networks.

Have right!

"Well, why do you need this window dressing?", "If you meet - well, meet, the rest of you care?" - if your inner critic begins to grumble in the voice of a crazy tram old woman, do not listen to him. Making your relationship visible, legalizing it is not vanity for you, but a way to feel more confident.There is no shame in the fact that it is important for you to be officially with someone. The main thing is that your true motive is not the desire to cause someone's envy.("I have already found my soul mate, but you have not yet, ho-ho!"), Jealousy ("Let those who underestimated me once cry!" or an attempt to manipulate to achieve your goal (what starts with a status in social networks, sooner or later ends with a ring on your ring finger, on which you are simply fixated).

Here is a shot!

Here is a shot!

Men rarely initiate joint photographs, but yours is not at all like that. The corners of your lips are already aching with smiles, but he still does not calm down and strives to capture your happy couple at each picturesque bush? Do not get angry, but try to understand why he is doing this.

  1. "Label" in a conspicuous place. You are his - period. The intensity of filming together increases on the days when your ex appears on the horizon, or you look especially good (suddenly you will be taken away from him!), Or for some other reason he doubts himself more than usual.Be patient a little and let your loved one cope with their self-doubt.
  2. Coveted trophy. He is proud of you and is ready to show the world every second what kind of woman is next to him. This behavior is his way of raising his social rating among friends and colleagues. But this medal also has a downside: if they don't like you, this may affect his attitude towards you.
  3. Red rag. If your man recently suffered a breakup or divorce, his demonstrative display of feelings on camera may be nothing more than an attempt to put a plantain on a wound in his heart and at the same time annoy his ex- lady. You can sincerely sympathize with his feelings, but you certainly don’t have to participate in such performances.

The devil is in the little things

As soon as you officially announce that you are dating, curious people will rush to your pages. Your former classmates will rush to assess how high-profile man you have picked up. And his past passions will be buried in your photo albums, methodically studying who you are, where you came from and how you deserve such happiness.This is not a reason for paranoia, but for putting things in order on your wall.: It is high time to remove the three-year-old iridescent Easter eggs and the dubious photo report from the last corporate party.

Secrecy of correspondence

There can be no secrets between real girlfriends , you think, and fearlessly send whole dialogs between you and your man or screenshots of his messages to you into the "girl" chat. Even if they do not contain anything special, a man, having learned about this, can be mortally offended at you and will, in general, be right - his tender or funny confessions were not intended to be submitted to a "comradely court."Even when emotions are bursting, it is better to tell your friends everything in your own words.