Some things are worth discussing at the very beginning of a relationship - the sooner the better. This will help you immediately understand if you are on the same wavelength with your partner, and not be disappointed later.

Questions to ask each other at the very beginning of a relationship

It is difficult to recognize a person inside and out, 100%. In fact, this is one of the great things about relationships: Your partner surprises you all the time. However, there are some basic things you should know before you agree to a long-term union and forge a life together. We have compiled a list of the main questions that you should ask a man before starting a relationship.

1. Do you want kids?

It's best to address the topic of parenting sooner rather than later, so that no one is offended - or upset - years later. If you or your partner are (understandably) worried that having children will change your relationship for the worse, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of what helps parents maintain closeness. Some studies suggest that there are certain "buffers" against family disaster after childbirth, including:

  • Developing affection and affection for your partner.
  • Being aware of what is happening in the spouse's life and responding to it.
  • Approaching problems as something that you and your partner can control and solve together as a couple.

2. How much time do you need to be alone?

Interestingly, spending time apart and meeting certain needs outside of the relationship may be exactly what your partnership needs. Personal space  is an important part of building healthy relationships. You both need some time to pursue your hobbies, work, and meet friends. This time is different for everyone. It is important to understand whether you can endure too much time without a partner, and vice versa.

3. What is treason for you?

Everyone interprets this in their own way. Boundaries need to be set before starting a serious relationship. This question of infidelity is more relevant than ever. "Emotional connections" are becoming more common and more difficult to define. For some, going to a strip club on weekends and not telling a girl is the norm. Someone does this in order not to disappoint or upset their partner. And if you suspect that your partner has a predisposition to show attention to other women , pay attention to any differences in his sexual interests and your inner feelings.

4. How do you feel about divorce?

What breaks the deal: infidelity, addiction, unwillingness to celebrate the New Year with your mother-in-law ? This is not the kind of question you want to ask when you first enter a relationship. This is a tricky discussion, but worth it. Don't worry if your man says he is open to divorce, or if you know you feel it. When a person sees divorce as an impossible option, they may create some unhealthy dynamic in the relationship. This is because simply knowing that you both have a way out is important in any situation.

5. Who will do the cooking, laundry and household chores?

What can we do as a couple to share chores and work so that everyone feels that they are contributing equally to relationships and daily life? Collaborative housework is the third most important factor in a successful marriage (the first two are loyalty and a happy sexual relationship), and it is necessary to discuss it.