Dense, rich, leaving an unforgettable sillage aromas are, of course, good. But if you can't stand strong smells, now we'll tell you what to do.

Pure skin scents: which perfume to choose for those who are irritated by strong odors

"Perfume that smells of purity", Is one of the top perfumery queries. The second most popular in this category, by the way, sounds like this: "perfume that smells like soap." It would seem, why wear perfume at all if you need the smell of purity? 

But here everything is a little more complicated than it seems, because in the case of using perfumes, a subtle scent remains on the skin, which is perceived completely differently than just a clean body. 

So if you always suffered from harsh perfumery odorsat work, on public transport and anywhere else, and therefore was wary of replenishing her own perfumery wardrobe, know that your time has come. We will tell you what notes to look for in the fragrance to get the “smell of purity”.

White musk

Timeless classics of cleanliness. Each person perceives this note in their own way, but most agree thatit sounds soft like cotton,but it has a sensual trail. White musk also mixes well with the natural scent of leather. 


If you suddenly did not know, aldehydes are synthetic molecules that, to the average nose (this is important, because smells relate to our senses, so they are perceived very differently) seem soapy. Also in aldehydes metal sounds often, but rather restrained. If you add them in the right amount to the right composition, you getthe warm smell of candle wax... 

Orange blossom

Perfumers often include this note in fragrances. with the smell of "baby skin"or "the top of the child's head." Although they are not 100% pure, this delicate milky scent can leave few people indifferent. Unlike oranges and other citrus fruits themselves , it is not as rich, but still sweetish.


We are almost sure that lavender (a curious fact: in translation from Latin lavare - wash) appeared on this list due to its relaxing (scientifically proven, by the way) properties. Have you already noticed that we are not talking so much about the aromas of cleanliness as about comfortable smells? This is because the trend towards purity in perfumery is almost inseparable from a kind of perfume hygge. Getting back to business if you buyaroma with the smell of fresh linen, lavender is definitely there.


If you build a scent only on the basis of irises, it will be bright, catchy and not at all innocent. But the note itself is very cautious and inviting. If you look for a comparison in the world of purity, then most of all the smell is similarfor makeup powder with puff... And this, as you know, is also a classic.