The bed is a very important place, the well-being of the relationship depends on the behavior in it. And we are not talking about sex at all, but about psychological points that must be observed.

Not here: 7 bed habits that can ruin a marriage

We spend a lot of time in bed (well, maybe not as much as we would like, but still), sometimes a meeting with a partner after a working day takes place only there. Therefore, it is important to maintain harmony in it, and some actions and words can easily destroy it and spoil any relationship. So, here's what you can't do in bed:

1. Go to bed at different times, if there is an opportunity not to do so

You have already gone to bed, and he prefers to watch the movie, sitting in an armchair. But isn't tactile contact, hugs more pleasant? Why not lie down together after a hard day, next to you? Lack of touch eventually drives partners apart from each other.

2. Lie and be silent

We understand that there are days when you want to fall into bed, close your eyes and fall asleep. But still, it is worth trying to share with your spouse your emotions from the past events. Not in raised tones. And you don't even need to discuss anything. Just speak up. After all, who else to tell about experiences or joys? They must be separated, because this is both easier (in the case of sorrows) and more pleasant (in the case of joys).

3. To discuss unpleasant things, to quarrel

But it is absolutely not necessary to carry this to bed. No clarification of the relationship or unpleasant requests, and especially - hints of an unpleasant topic that awaits in the morning. What kind of dream can there be after this? Extremely tense, nervous, if at all. Leave all negative discussions and quarrels outside the bedroom.

4. Get a manicure or pedicure

Men in general sometimes don't like to watch this process, and even more so in bed. The sound of nail clippers is very annoying for some . Leave this business (as well as all cosmetic procedures in general) for the bathroom. And let the husband see you in all your glory and be proud of what a gorgeous wife he has.

5. Stay focused on gadgets

This is at least harmful  - they emit a blue spectrum of color, which interferes with the production of the sleep hormone. Well, and alsothis isolates you and your partner from each other, which over time can very easily lead to resentment, cooling and complete distance.

6. Come up with ways to avoid sex

If your husband has already gone to bed, and you do not want to go to bed day after day with all your might, he may get the feeling that you have stopped wanting sex. If so, you should find out the real reason and honestly talk to him, otherwise he will look for it in himself, in your relationship - there is nothing pleasant about it. And if not, do not expect that he will call you himself every day. Take the initiative, he will be just happy.

7. Ignore each other's schedules

In the bedroom, compromise is also very important. If your partner gets up before you, you can watch TV in another room. If you have an important meeting tomorrow, let him give you enough sleep.An important rule of well-being: the light is turned off by the one who gets up earlier. Such a compromise will not only give you quality sleep and health, but also peace in your relationship.