He says: "Why do you need this nonsense?", She hears: "I feel sorry for you money."

Men's phrases that women diligently misunderstand

Everyone has long known that men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Men and women think differently. Perceive the same things differently. It seems that everyone is used to this difference. But still, there is some kind of misunderstanding in relationships, in the perception of some phrases. Here are 7 of the most common.

1. "I'm on my way"

A woman, having heard this phrase, will most likely wait for a man to be on his way and “already going” means some couple of minutes. However, no, a man may have this indefinitely - 5, 10 and even 25 minutes.

Therefore, after hearing this phrase, occupy yourself with something useful. And don't worry.

2. "I'll be there in 5 minutes"

More often than not, when a woman hears this phrase, she expects that the man will indeed be in the promised time. He's a man, he keeps his word.

A man, when he says this phrase, thinks least of all about real time. It's like a phrase that doesn't carry any informational meaning. Just as if he said "now" or the previous version and came in 20 minutes. Therefore, wait, of course, 5 minutes and calmly go about your business.

3. "We will definitely do it"

When a man says this phrase, the woman hopes that yes, they will definitely do it. The man, rather, does not want to do it at all. And so as not to upset or sort things out, he says that.

You can, of course, clarify the exact date and negotiate directly with him if you really want to get it.

4. "Sorry, it won't work today, let's do it another time"

The woman, of course, gets upset, but continues to wait and hope for another time. Most likely, the man is not very interested in you. And I just decided to spend this time with another company. Then why don't you spend time with someone else too? Why sit at home and worry.

5. "Why do you need this nonsense?"

A woman, having heard this phrase at her request, often takes offense or feels unnecessary, sometimes gets angry. A man, firstly, does not see the value in what you ask. Secondly, because he does not see value in it, he thinks that you do not value him and his money. Rather, he says: I value my money and I ask you to value me and my money too.

Try to tell the man exactly what it is worth. Perhaps he will change his mind.

6. "This is the last time, I won't be like this again"

Many women believe that this was indeed the “last time”. Although, perhaps, they already have no account. Most likely, it is beneficial for a man to have such a gullible woman, and after a while everything is more likely to happen again.

Just ask yourself, do you really agree with this, if so, then just stop trying to figure it out with the man. If not, then it's time to leave him and get out of the relationship.

7. "I need to think, I'll call you back"

The woman begins to torment herself with doubts, to play various scenarios in her head, often dramatic, that this is all, perhaps, the end. A man just needs time for emotions to cool down and make a really adequate decision or discuss everything in a calm manner.

Of course, it's not worth sitting near the phone waiting for a call or checking the phone every 5 minutes. Better go for a walk, go in for sports, switch your attention. And you will be surprised how everything worked out by itself in the best way.