“God, I won't be able to smile normally for two years now!” - this is the main fear of those who decide on braces in adulthood. But nothing like that, you can. Like doing cool makeup with them.

how to make a tooth correction system part of a beauty image

Let's start with a dose of motivation: braces are cool. They certainly do not make you ugly, but they show that you are attentive to your own beauty and health at the same time. Not to mention the fact that it is an expensive pleasure that gives out in you (well, suddenly it is important :) a person who can afford such a thing. 

Makeup to highlight

If you are not at all shy about braces and even want to emphasize them - which we very much approve of - take the following tips into service:

  • Bright lipstick.The juicier the better, because we just need to draw attention to the lips. Just take a long-lasting matte finish so that half of the product does not accidentally remain on the bracket system.

  • Blush in tone.This option is suitable for those who have metal braces with rubber bands. You knew you can change them? And at the same time it is really possible to make almost any color - here you have cards in your hands. Go for, say, a smoky pink and then apply the same shade to your cheekbones. It will turn out well, very stylish.

  • Metallic.Another cool way to make your lips and braces stand out along with them is with metallic lipsticks or (we know everything in the makeup world is replaceable) foil-effect shadows. The bottom line is to paint over the lips with lipstick in a fairly calm shade, and then apply some stardust in the center . This, by the way, will also add volume to the lips.

Makeup with braces

Makeup to hide

We understand that it is impossible to change your mind from “wow, those are terrible braces” to “wow, what beautiful braces” with a click. So if you were given them recently and you are just on the way of accepting yourself new, do not be sad. Here's what to do to divert attention away from your orthodontic design:

  • Drama queen. The easiest way to distract attention from everything except your incredible eyes is smokey. Do not forget to paint over the mucous membrane (if the event is evening or evening, you can even use kayal) and shade the shadows or a cream pencil (depending on what you are using) properly. Tip: If you are blonde, go for brown over black.

  • Arrows.Strong eye makeup, as in the first version, will not be appropriate everywhere. That is why arrows should be used in everyday life . They are considered classics today, do not overload the face, but still take all the attention to themselves. 

  • Total nude... This option looks especially beautiful in pink and beige tones with ceramic braces, but it will also hide metal braces well. The main points to work out are porcelain skin, lush lashes and a subtle glow on the cheekbones. Everything else is at your discretion. And on the lips, and in general, you can apply a transparent balm or gloss.