We don't know why you needed to meet with your ex (and in general, this is not our business), but we know for sure that you need to come to such a meeting wearing a make-up outfit. And here's what you should bet on.

Makeup for a date with your ex: 5 tips to look perfect

Tone "look how good I am without you"

Smooth skin is our everything. But don't overdo itso he doesn't think that you tried too hard... We recommend using a good make-up serum and a moist BB cream. Cover the disadvantages with a point concealer, and do not forget to apply transparent powder to the T-zone, so that all this luxury does not suddenly shine. 

Contouring "I've always had cheekbones like this"

Also known as "yes, I lost weight, thanks for noticing" contouring. Todraw sharp cheekbones where they never were It is best to use a dry taupe concealer. But if there is no such thing at hand, but there is a highlighter, you can use it to highlight strategically important areas: the back of the nose, a tick above the lip, the corners of the eyes and the area above the cheekbones. It will turn out to be about the same.

Makeup for a date with your ex: 5 tips to look perfect

Arrows of "a woman who can afford them"

Despite the fact that arrows are now used even in basic makeup, they are not becoming less of an accent detail. And you, since you are going to meet with your ex, you can definitely afford them. When the mood matches or the soul asks for adventure, just right there will be arrows with a complex tail or colored (for example, red ). And to make them perfect, do not forget about our life hacks .

Eyelashes "and everything is stacked in stacks"

So that all men within a kilometer radius, as in the dreams of the charming heroine "Girls" Tosya , can be stacked, eyelashes should be added to the arrows. But not overheads and not even dolls, but those thatcreate an alluring fox look in the style of Bella Hadid... For this, the cilia must be painted over, as it were, taking the hand to the side. Do you want to enhance the effect? Apply an extra layer of mascara at the outer corner. 

Makeup for a date with your ex: 5 tips to look perfect

Lips "so you know who you have lost"

Not necessarily red (although this option is, to be sure, ideal), but always bright. To add juiciness to nude, if you, for example, do not wear anything more active than caramel lipstick,use a pencil one shade darker... Contour them and add them to the corners for a sexy gradient. You will see, it will definitely work to defeat.