Learn how to quickly excite your loved one.

For some reason, it is generally accepted that men have only one erogenous zone, which deserves close female attention. In fact, this is not the case. Each zodiac sign has its own erogenous zones. You can be skeptical about this, or you can just take and follow simple recommendations and watch your partner's reaction. He definitely won't mind.

We have compiled our own anatomical map of male erogenous zones.

Love points: a map of the erogenous zones of a man


In the dimple behind the ear and in the male earlobe, no fewer nerve endings are placed than in women. They like to be kissed and nibbled on the ear just like us. Only tenderly. Many men (as, again, and women) do not tolerate having their tongues stuck in their ear.


Almost all respondents, without exception, have an absolutely erogenous zone. Kiss her gently, with taste, you can run your fingernail, only gently and gently, without digging into the skin as if you intend to skin your partner right there. We started with the ear, kissed the neck, ran our tongue along the collarbones - and you can go lower.


And below we have a chest. Here opinions were divided. Finding out how your man reacts to breast caress can only be experienced. Many do not even realize that this part of their body is so sensitive that it will give odds to the female breast.


And especially - the area around the navel - in many men has tremendous excitability. Palm stroking, nibbling lightly, and do not skimp on kisses!

Neck: back view

A large number of nerve endings are located on the back surface of this part of the body. Remember how nice it is when you get a head massage in a beauty salon and goosebumps start to run in this area? Well, they like it too. And they have goosebumps too.


Especially two zones: between the shoulder blades and in the hollow in the region of the sacrum. If you scratch there with your nails, gently, with light erotic massage movements, stroke, kiss, run your tongue ... do not get carried away - you do not want the release to come right now! After all, there is still a whole night ahead and several equally excitable areas.


The hips are the part of the body that is constantly involved in movement, and all men are great explorers. Therefore, the easiest way to relax and turn him on at the same time is to massage his thighs and legs. And he will be yours forever. Or at least this evening.


They say that if in the process of oral sex you lightly bite, kiss and tickle a man's tongue in the area of ​​the inner thigh, the result will be amazing. Try it, he should like it! Some men are turned on by tickling heels. And one admitted that there is nothing more erotic and exciting than a kiss on the popliteal ligament.

Any body with its erogenous zones is individual. And one of the most wonderful and rewarding activities for a long weekend is playing the pioneers of more and more erogenous zones on the partner's body. Good luck!