Divorce is always unpleasant. But for some reason, even after it, there is something to regret. And not only about not getting married at all.

It should have been different: what do divorced women regret

Getting married is a huge step that people don't tend to take lightly. But an equally huge step is a divorce, which, as practice shows, is much easier to come to than to the altar. And this is what women most often regret after a divorce.

1. How divorce affected children

Whatever the children, divorce can affect them in different ways , be they young, teenagers, or young people over the age of 20. Witnesses of the loss of love between parents when they violate their marital obligations, adapt to moving between two different houses, they must get used to the absence of one of the parents, living with the other - all this creates new difficult circumstances.

Children can change in behavior, and of course, any mother notices the consequences of this loss for the child. For younger children, divorce often means the loss of a childhood home. They will also have to get used to spending time “between” their parents. If the woman was a housewife before the divorce, then returning to work to support herself and her children will also be a big change for them. In fact, divorce can also have emotional consequences for children, both young and old.

2. How the material component of life has changed

Many couples share a budget. Someone earns more, someone less, and our society has long ago moved away from gender prejudices that relate to work responsibilities in marriage. But due to the well-established stereotype, a woman for the most part remains a housewife and a mother, she is forced to take care of children and lead a life.

Everyone has different approaches to finance, but it is often assumed that couples will pool their funds. However, this decision could be the ultimate ruin for them, especially after the divorce. The woman will have to find a job, while custody of the children has not been canceled.It is quite difficult to rebuild a career when all the years that could be spent on self-realization were devoted to the family.

3. That they did not keep friendly communication

Many women regret losing their friend and not ending the conversation on a better note. Despite this, many couples have common children, so communication is simply inevitable . It's not just children who find it difficult to watch their parents' tense communication (or lack thereof). Each visit of an ex-husband or meeting with him at a child's concert in honor of a school holiday is at least a reason for discomfort.It so happens that each of the spouses would be happy to end this war, but cannot because of pride, fear or other circumstances, which in fact are mostly far-fetched.

4. That they rushed with the decision to divorce

Marriage is serious. This is not a job that can be quit due to the fact that the boss turned out to be a smug and unfair tyrant, this is not a manicurist who began to poorly perform her duties and not an acquaintance who did not support in difficult times . In other words, this is not something that can be taken and thrown away, forgotten overnight. Research shows that only a quarter of divorcing couples have ever sought professional help of any kind. Perhaps part of it is pride, for others it is fear, and even more for the  thought that the marriage cannot be restored . But when the resentment leaves and only common sense remains, you can overestimate the situation, however, after the divorce it will be too late.