For sure, only one thing can be said: you will not be able to get pregnant from Tom Hardy, no matter what frank scenes you watch with him. As for other situations, we will deal with them right now.

"Is it possible to get pregnant from this?": 7 questions, the answers to which everyone wants to know

... from the water?

Sex in the water is still sex.So it doesn't matter if you do it in the bathroom or in the ocean, the risk of getting pregnant (and, by the way, catching something) remains. Does this mean that you can get pregnant even if someone ejaculates in the pool, and you swim by. Well, theoretically it's possible. However, scientists and doctors agree that this requires close enough physical contact that you cannot help but notice. Not to mention, chlorinated pool water is not very good for sperm survival. 

... during your period?

In the female cycle there is no time when it is impossible to get pregnant... And although there really are periods in it when the risk is minimal (this is just during menstruation and immediately after them), if you do not use contraceptives , you need to be prepared for a certain result. And by the way, if you are lucky once, you will not necessarily be lucky the next.

... from pre-seminal fluid?

When a man is aroused, he begins to secrete pre-seminal fluid before fully ejaculating. But the different names of the substances do not at all mean that it is less dangerous in terms of pregnancy. Although, unlike sperm, one "portion" of which can contain up to 300 million sperm,pre-seminal fluid contains thousands, they are there anyway. This means that a meeting with your egg cell can also happen.

... from your fingers?

Here, again, it is important to understand that pre-seminal fluid or sperm can be stored on a man's fingers. And you already know how much sperm there is. And now there is one more thing to learn: in a woman's bodysperm can survive up to five days, so they will definitely have time to gain a foothold. It turns out that the answer is this: you will not get pregnant from absolutely clean fingers, but when you feel good, it can be problematic to keep track of such moments.

... from a barren man?

The diagnosis of infertility is not a sentence. Today he is successfully treated with both classical therapy andassisted reproductive technologies (IVF or ICSI)... And if there is a serious factor of male infertility, when it is impossible to obtain high-quality spermatozoa in the usual way, doctors use the testicular biopsy method, from the tissue of which the necessary material is then obtained. Therefore, nothing is impossible.

... without penetration?

And again we go back to biological fluid storage possibilities men on skin, fingers and anything else. Even if you just rub against each other, sperm cells can be left somewhere near the vagina. And this greatly increases the risks when you remember (repetition is the mother of learning) about their impressive "shelf life".

... from a kiss?

Probably, so could disney princesses... And just fabulous girls too. But in the real world, one kiss for pregnancy will not be enough - no matter how passionate and extraordinary it may be.