Be smart and beautiful? Easily! The profession of a programmer is becoming more and more popular among girls, so we decided to tell you how to preserve beauty while working at a computer for a long time (it is also useful for adults).

How to stay beautiful if you constantly sit at the computer: life hacks of female programmers

It is generally accepted that programming is a profession not very feminine, incompatible with beauty and health, but compatible with excess weight, stoop and impaired vision. Debunking myths together with the female teachers of the Pixel online programming school.

“Programming is not an area that requires constant control over your appearance. But if desired, as in other areas of activity, comfort at work can look attractive. Someone is comfortable in a sweater and glasses, and someone cannot live a day without red lipstick. The main thing is to listen to your own feelings and not deny yourself the care, ”says our teacher

Fear 1. All programmers wear glasses

Long-term sitting at the computer can indeed lead to a decrease in visual acuity. The frequency of blinking of the eyes is reduced by about three times, which leads to drying of the tear fluid. Of the unpleasant symptoms - redness, itching, burning... 

But if you follow certain rules, you can avoid wearing glasses or corrective lenses :

  • Rest - take breaksat work at the computer. Try not to contemplate the monitor for more than 40 minutes in a row, let your eyes unload.
  • Move away from the monitor... Modern computers do not have harmful radiation on the body, but this does not mean that you can sit close to the monitor. The safe distance is 50 centimeters.
  • Fall in love gymnastics for the eyes... Do eye exercises every 30-40 minutes. Close your eyes tightly, and then open and relax your eyes; look alternately in the distance, then at a close object; close your eyes and make rotational movements with them (to the sides and "eights"). 

“In order for vision to remain normal, it is necessary to limit the time spent at the computer. But children, for example, can get very carried away, especially if they are doing some kind of creative and interesting project. Therefore, we advise parents to set an alarm to remind their child that it is time to finish or it is time to take a break. This approach can be practiced by adults as well, ”recommends the school's teacher

Fear 2. All programmers slouch

Beautiful posture is every girl's dream. But the spine is subjected to constant stress during the day, and in a sitting positionthe load on the intervertebral discs is slightly morethan standing or lying down. Even adults cannot always control how they sit. With children it is even more difficult: the computer grabs their attention, and the child does not feel that he is slouched. 

To avoid negative consequences, it is important for all of us to take breaks, it is enough to move and choose the right furniture:

  • Make it a rule to do physical education every 40 minutes... 15 squats, 15 abs and 2 minutes of jumping will be enough.
  • Remember the rule - while working at the computer hands are on the table and feet are on the floor...
  • Find the right furniture - a table and chair for the child, which will correspond to his height, and a comfortable chair for himself. 
“To maintain your posture, use a 15 by 8 centimeters pad filled with any cereal. We put it on our head and hold it so that it does not fall. This method helped me as a child, and now I advise my students to practice it. I also use a dedicated wrist rest for the mouse for more comfort and less stress. There are similar ones for the keyboard, ”says Polina Pavlova with her life hacks.

Fear 3. Programmers are overweight

Sitting at a computer for a long time is fraught with the fact that we move less, and at the same time spend less time in the fresh air. The so-called hypodynamia is created. In parallel with herappetite problems may begin: in some it becomes elevated, while others, on the contrary, forget about food, which is also not good for health. 

“I discovered yoga and dance breaks. I also advise my students to engage in physical activity. If you do not want to go to the gym, you can study at home using YouTube lessons or improvise dancing to your favorite music, ”says Polina Pavlova. 

“A person who is engaged in programming knows what order is. He can easily plan his day and include sports and personal care routines in it. My advice is this: if you feel tired, take a break. Do not sit at the computer until it darkens in your eyes. In such a state, nothing of high quality will work out, and health will deteriorate, ”says senior teacher of our school 

Any inactive work can harm your health and appearance. Therefore, it is important to alternate activities - intellectual and physical:

  • Make your lifestyle active: run in the morning, walk more, go hiking or at least walk to the metro.
  • Find physical activities to your liking... It can be Latin American dancing , yoga or crossfit - the main thing is to have fun.
  • Eat on a schedule. If you forget about food, set the alarm. If the appetite is increased, increase the calorie content of breakfast and lunch due to slow carbohydrates (cereals, whole grain pasta and bread), protein (lean chicken, fish, legumes, eggs) and fiber (vegetables, unsweetened fruits).