While Asian girls are mostly crazy about whitening, sometimes we all can use a lighter tone. First, because it is beautiful. Secondly, because this way the face immediately looks fresh. And here's what you need to do for this.

How to safely whiten your skin (and what, conversely, should not be used under any circumstances)

Vitamin C

The simplest and most understandable bleaching option is skin care products with vitamin C in their composition. Keep in mind that funds with this component can increase skin photosensitivity, so it is better to apply it at night. And be careful with sun exposure - be sure to use an SPF cream.


Vitamin A variations work on the skin in the same way as ascorbic acid (and also, by the way, are powerful antioxidants). Accordingly, sun protection is also useful here. Plus keep in mind that even at low doses, they can cause allergic reactions and flaking, so be careful (and be prepared to do so.)


If your goal is to get rid of age spots, it's better to go to a beautician right away... Treatments such as microdermabrasion, for example, can help shed dead skin cells and brighten and even tone your complexion. This is much more active than scrubs or peels , so you have to take care of yourself for a couple of days. But the result, believe me, is worth it.

Special means

Not every product labeled "whitening" will actually brighten skin. But if you knowwhat exactly should you look for in the composition, everything will definitely work out. Tip: Look for Asian products that do the job perfectly.


“The appearance of freckles and age spots is a natural skin process, the occurrence of which can be influenced by many factors, from ordinary sunlight to age-related changes. In the event that even porcelain skin is your cherished desire, then take note of the bleaching agents.

One of the main components of such a product is tranexamic acid. It is she who reduces inflammation and relieves the reddish coloration of blood vessels protruding on the skin in the form of a mesh. Tranexamic acid fights thinning of the walls of blood vessels (rosacea), gradually strengthening them, and also prevents the appearance of spots and freckles by suppressing the formation of melanin in cells.

Vitamin C in the composition of the whitening product also plays an important role. It promotes deep hydration of the skin, protecting it from dryness and flaking, and repairs the skin after damage caused by UV radiation. Together, these ingredients work great to remove irritation, brighten and even out skin tone, and leave the surface smooth and velvety. "


Despite the daunting name, it's just bearberry plant extractuseful for depigmentation and skin whitening. If you advocate natural cosmetics and responsible consumption , look for it in the composition - and use it boldly.

But what should not be used under any circumstances: lemon juice, toothpaste (forget about the "experts" from the Internet) and hydroquinone, which, according to research, can be toxic. If you want to whiten your skin, but the products available in stores do not help, it is best to contact a dermatologist.