Here's how kefir, egg yolk, black tea, and walking barefoot can reduce the electrification of things, hair and body.

How to remove static electricity from clothes and hair: 14 ways

Static electricity is a phenomenon that we encounter in different situations every day. For example, when we put on clothes with a narrow neck or style our hair with the wrong comb. In both cases, the hair becomes electrified, and we turn into a "dandelion".

And we are periodically electrocuted by our clothes. Nothing serious, but little pleasant. Also, sweaters, skirts and dresses warn of their electrification with a characteristic crackling sound when taken off or put on. This happens because over time, all textile fibers accumulate static electricity.

Nylon, wool, silk, viscose, bamboo and tencel (a natural material made from Australian eucalyptus wood) are the most electrified.

In this article, we will show you how to remove static electricity from clothing and hair without an anti-static agent.

But first, let's go back to school and remember physics.

Where does static electricity come from?

Static electricity is a series of phenomena caused by the formation of electric charges with equal signs, resulting from the friction of two dissimilar surfaces. In other words, if you rub a rubber balloon on your hair, then electrification is inevitable.

Dryness is a key factor that speeds up the electrification of clothes and hair. Therefore, in rooms with low humidity, it is much easier to "catch" electrification. Especially if you are wearing a silk dress. This material poorly absorbs body fumes, and therefore electrifies. Cotton fabrics have better hygroscopic properties and accumulate static electricity longer.

The processing methods we will talk about will help create a thin film on clothes and hair. This, in turn, will retain water, reduce or eliminate electrification.

What to do to prevent clothes and textiles from electrifying

The simplest and most effective is to buy an antistatic agent and not suffer. But what to do if it was not at hand and there is no time to run to the store. It is for such cases that our article is provided. There are several options that will help out 100%.

1. Increase in humidity

If your favorite blanket, fluffy pillow or soft toys, instead of warming and delighting, are shocked, then this speaks of one thing. The air in your apartment is too dry. Increase the humidity in the room. Use any of these methods:

  • buy a humidifier;
  • ventilate the room more often, do wet cleaning;
  • place vessels with water in different corners of the room;
  • run the damp cloth over the surface of the blanket or piece of furniture.
All these simple tricks will prevent static electricity from accumulating.

2. Moisturizing lotion

Do not forget that electrification occurs when two surfaces rub. If the first is things, then the second is our body. Use a moisturizing lotion on the area of ​​your body where the fabric adheres especially strongly. This method is well suited if a specific piece of fabric has undergone static.

3. Baby powder

Baby powder does the job better than lotion. But there is one significant drawback. She leaves marks on clothes. Therefore, you need to act carefully. Pour a little powder on your hands, and then gently rub it into the skin at the site of the localization of the focus of static.

4. Add baking soda to washing powder

Before sending a dress or sweater to the washing machine, be sure to read the instructions for washing it. If they can't be machine washed and tumble dry, then it's best to listen. Even the most gentle treatment can damage the fabric.

If the label “gives good”, then add a little soda to the powder before washing. It will help relieve some of the fabric's electrification. When drying in the tumble dryer, place an anti-static cloth inside the garment while it is still damp.

5. Walking barefoot and touching metal

A bit of an obscure advice on how to get rid of static electricity at home, but it should help. If you walk barefoot around the apartment for a while before putting on your clothes, you can reduce the electrification of your body. Just 15 minutes and a sticky dress will fit better. You can also ground yourself by touching any metal object.

6. Drying things in the doorway

Hang the thing that shocks the most in the doorway. Let it dry in a draft in a room with optimal humidity. This will simultaneously protect it from wrinkled folds and electrification.

How to remove static electricity from hair

In the case of hair, it was not possible to do with only improvised means. We'll have to use special assistants.

1. Water

This advice was on the surface. If there is no varnish or anti-static wipes nearby, then it is to the tap with water that we run first of all to style our tousled hair. This option is relevant for those whose hair is electrified before leaving the house or where you can quickly run to the bathroom.

2. Spray antistatic

For all other cases, we recommend bringing a pocket hair spray with you. A very useful thing especially in winter and summer. When to become a "dandelion" can be done in no time.

3. Anti-static wipes

We have already mentioned these napkins in passing in the first paragraph. Now he will tell you a little more. The napkins are impregnated with a special antistatic solution. It is enough to walk them through your hair to calm them down. We also recommend wiping the combs with these napkins.

4. Leave-in hair conditioner

Plus, after such care, the hair will not only stop electrifying, just a little, but will also become easy to comb and obedient. The secret is that such hair conditioners are created on the basis of glycerin without the use of oily components. This composition perfectly moisturizes the hair.

5. Black tea

And here is the first popular advice, which will help to reduce the electrification of the hair. Brew a strong black tea and rinse your hair with it. Be sure to do this only on clean hair. It is better to wash off the tea from the hair with warm water and not immediately, but 3-5 minutes after application.

6. Mask of kefir and egg yolk

The second home remedy is a nutritious mixture of fresh kefir or yogurt and egg yolk. If your hair is electrified, it's worth a try. The mask should be kept for 20 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.

7. Correct comb

The choice of a comb can also affect the build-up of static electricity. Brushes with natural bristles made of wood electrify the hair the least. Also, metal combs and combs made of special synthetic materials with antistatic properties can be a good choice.

8. Correct shoes

Who would have thought, but shoes also affect the electrification of hair. For example, leather shoes are better at grounding than synthetic sneakers.