Whatever fairy tales are told about massage, be sure: there is nothing complicated in it. Every girl can handle it, the main thing is to know a few simple tricks, which we will tell you about. And do not forget to hint to your loved one that by following the same rules, he will be able to please you.

What should be the situation

How to give a sensual massage to your beloved man

You can start a sensual massage in the bathroom. Suggest that your man wash his hair (many of the stronger sex simply melt from touching the scalp) and rub his back (discard the washcloth and begin to gently massage his skin with your palms).

After bath procedures, move to the bedroom. It should be warm (at an uncomfortably low temperature, it will be difficult for the muscles to relax) and not very light (solid darkness does not suit us either, because the visual series is an incredibly important component of the process). A small lamp away from the bed or a few lit candles is ideal.

To create a mood, the room can be filled with aromas of incense (incense sticks or an aroma lamp will help).

Suggest that your man wash his hair (many of the stronger sex simply melt from touching the scalp) and rub his back.

Ideal scents for erotic massage are sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Essential oils with the same fragrances can be added to the cream or oil you will use for the massage. Remember that you cannot use pure essential oils for massage!

What should be the movements

The beauty of erotic massage is that it promotes both relaxation and sexual arousal. Therefore, your movements should be relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Soft and gentle touches can lull your partner, and instead of enchanting sex, you will have a sweet dream in each other's company. To prevent this from happening, alternate stroking and light pressure with intense patting and light blows with the ribs of the palms. This will keep your man toned.

The movements must either alternate (at first, weak for a while, then strong for the same time), or gradually increase the intensity of pressing (we start with a weak one and come to a stronger one). In massage, the instrument is not only the hands, but also the lips.

You can gently kiss and lick your chosen one, as well as lightly bite him. It is also important to alternate movements here: gentle kisses will relax, and playful bites will tune in the right way. 

Sensual massage stages

1. Start the erotic massage with the feet or hands

Gently knead each finger, changing the intensity of the movements. Some men experience incredible sensations when a woman kisses and sucks on their big toes. After that, go directly to the foot or palm. Knead from the center to the periphery - first with one thumb, then with the back of your wrist.

2. Move to the back

Move from the neck to the lower back, varying the pressure. Stay on the buttocks, it makes sense to use more intense movements.

3. Move on to the chest and stomach

Ask the man to roll over onto his back. Movements should be light, because the skin in these places is more tender. Pay attention to the nipples - contrary to the stereotype, this is a very erogenous zone of the male body. The same important area is located around the navel: make circular movements with your hands or tongue - your man will definitely appreciate it!

If up to this point your man has not pounced on you and fell asleep, then you did everything right.

4. Avoid touching private parts

Otherwise, your massage will turn into an intense love foreplay. Delicately ignore his intimate parts (rest assured, this will have a stimulating effect) and take on the thighs - they can be rubbed intensively, and then gently and gently stroked. Then pay attention to your shins and feet.

If up to this point your man has not pounced on you and fell asleep, then you did everything right, and the reward for this will be a magical festive act of love (which is also included in the mandatory anti-stress program).