Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks, occur when the skin changes shape abruptly due to stretching or weight gain. And no, this is not a sign that something is wrong with you.

How to deal with stretch marks at home (and is it real at all)

In fact, not only women have stretch marks, but men too. We just have a little more reasons for this: pregnancy and childbirth, a sharp increase in weight and the following weight loss, associated with stretching sports. 

Generally, at first the stretch looks like red or purple line on the skinwhich has a slightly different texture. The more time passes, the more light and shiny it becomes. Although, in fairness, most stretch marks disappear, so only a select few remain with us. 

In fact, skin that is full of collagen and elastin does a pretty good job of repairing itself. But stretch marks are another matter entirely.

The bad news: This is a type of scar that is nearly impossible to get rid of completely. The good news is that you can make them as invisible as possible - and here's what will help with that. 


Vitamin A derivatives are known to make the skin smoother and younger... This is why they are found in every first anti-aging product. But this vitamin can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks - which is why it is worth looking for in body lotions. And by the way, vitamin A in the video of carrots and sweet potatoes should be included in the diet.


Exfoliating procedures, no matter what it is, always help to even out skin toneby removing dead cells from it. So if stretch marks bother you, consider exfoliation in your beauty routine. It can be a sugar or salt scrub, or it can be something like ubtan - a soft mixture of herbs and clays. Peeling products with acids (work in the same direction, but in a different way) there. 

Aloe vera

Despite the fact that there is not much scientific evidence for the "anti-stretch" effect of aloe vera extract, scientists are well aware that the plant has strong healing properties... That is why if you apply aloe vera gel to your skin every day for several weeks, you can see a positive result. In terms of moisture as well. 

Hyaluronic acid

We have already talked about collagen in the skin, which allows it to stay young and elastic. Unfortunately, with age, collagen decreases, so the skin loses these excellent properties. Hyaluronic acid can help in a difficult situation : it does not exactly return lost collagen, butdoes essentially the same... That is why hyaluronic lotion should definitely be in your arsenal to fight stretch marks. 

Coconut oil

If you choose from vegetable oils what will be wear the proud title of oil beauty, of course, they will be coconut . Studies have shown that in laboratory mice, it shortens the time it takes for skin wounds to heal. And since stretch marks are the most damage to the skin, the story might work. Not to mention, the oil applied after the shower will leave the skin smooth, soft and overall incredible.

And what else

If you are determined, keep in mind that there are three more serious treatments for stretch marks - laser, microdermabrasion and tattooing... In the latter case, the master selects a suitable pigment, and then makes a tattoo in bright places, so that the stretch marks acquire a skin tone. 

But it's important to understand that there is nothing scary or embarrassing about stretching. Like cellulite, scars or freckles, it's just a skin feature that definitely doesn't make you any less beautiful or desirable. Just think about it, okay?