Everything is important in a relationship: even to swear, you also need to be able to correctly, in order to make disputes not scandals, but constructive discussion that does not waste the nerves of both partners.

How to argue without scandals: 6 smart ways

3. Show understanding

For this purpose, you can use the so-called "auxiliary phrases". Such a phrase is, for example: “I understand you,” or “I understand what you want to say,” or “I understand why you are angry,” etc. First, auxiliary phrases immediately reduce the intensity of the conversation. Hearing that he is understood, the interlocutor calms down and comes to balance. Secondly, they show that you share the point of view of your partner, are ready to listen to him and go towards him.

4. Use rapprochement tactics

When you quarrel and there is a large enough distance between you, this does not bode well for quick reconciliation . The distance further increases the misunderstanding between the parties. thereforeif you want to reach agreement with your partner, try to get closer to him: thus, you not only have a better chance of being heard, but also an opportunity to extinguish the fire of discussion at the very beginning of the confrontation. You must admit that you don't really want to quarrel with a person who is at arm's length or closer.

5. Don't reproach your partner

If in the course of a conversation you need to solve a problem, you should not study it and articulate the reasons that led to it. This approach will complicate the task and serve as a pretext for a new quarrel. Therefore, try to avoid clarifying the relationship and immediately proceed to the actions that, in your opinion, should resolve the situation.

6. Consider the opposite point of view

Even if it seems to you that you are 99.9% right, this does not mean at all that your partner is wrong to 100. A healthy grain can be present in his view of the situation, therefore it is never superfluous to listen to what your interlocutor says. Plus, this is another way to avoid turning your disagreements into a showdown scandal . If a person sees that you are ready to agree with him, he is ready to admit that he may be wrong in something.