Short haircuts for an oval face work best. The oval type of face is the most correct, so there will be no problems with it. We will tell you which haircut will decorate your face, and not vice versa.

Haircuts for an oval face short hair: 5 options that you will definitely like

Haircuts for an oval face, short hair will decorate you. The main thing is that the hair is not too short, and the reflection in the mirror pleases you. Ovalthe shape is good because if not all, then a lot will suit you... 

The details of the hairstyle can vary depending on how full your oval is or how fashionable you want it to be. Otherwise, choose what you like in the photo, taking into account the type of hair. Hair experts know what to consider. 


Haircuts for an oval face short hair

The classic square is the first among the group of haircuts for women with an oval face. With him, you get a feminine image at the same time calm and daring. If aadd a beautiful hoop or large hair clip, you can go to the event. And if a girl wants to look fashionable, it is worth getting a texturizing spray and "fluff" her hair with it into careless curls. 


Haircuts for an oval face short hair

If you enter into the search engine "short haircut for an oval face photo", you will see mostly a bob in the pictures. This is also a classic of hairdressing that any woman can choose for herself. Pay attention to the back of the head:if hair lacks volume, ask the master to shorten it and make a layer-by-layer cut. To achieve beautiful styling in the morning, it will be enough to purchase a fixing cream or use a regular varnish. 



Short haircuts for girls with an oval face come in a straight and indirect cut. Asymmetric haircuts will help you look original and fresh. They are one of the most popular today. Hairstyles of this type will helpdivert attention away from large or imperfect facial featuresif necessary. They are also easy to deal with: all you need is a good round comb and dry shampoo, 

Under the boy

Haircuts for an oval face short hair

In fact, garcon and pixie are different haircuts. They ended up in the "boy" point because this is the shortest oval face haircut for women that can be considered. Please note that these hairstyles take longer to style (you can't do without a styling spray either). On the other hand,you can easily wash your hair in the morningto instantly give your hair the look you want with a hairdryer. Drying will not take long, which will save you minutes on a cloth mask or coffee. 

With a bang

Haircuts for an oval face short hair

Not satisfied with the fullness of the face? Add bangs. Nowbangs in the top, also known as french bangs, but you can try the short one, the long one, or the most ordinary one. In order for the bangs to lie right, it is important to “wash” it every day (a nice bonus: you don't have to wash your head - your hair will still look cleaner). Squeeze out your bangs slightly, apply your favorite styling product and style with a rounded comb. 

What else you need to know about the oval face

If you have an oval face, you are very lucky, because this is the most successful shape for any haircuts and hairstyles. But there are a few things to consider:

  1. You can taste a rainbow in your hairif you want to do it. Frosty blues, pastel pinks and other interesting colors that are now popular will look good with any haircut.
  2. Don't feel like spending a lot of time styling? Ask the hairdressermake an uneven cut... Then you can get something stylish in the mirror with the help of dry shampoo (we use it as an example of varnish) or powder for volume. Tip: if you use powder and you like this format, buy a man's one - it lasts longer and is easier to comb.
  3. Experiment with curls.  For official events and holidays, we advise you to get confused by making neat curls with a curling iron. In everyday life, you can get by with curls from an iron or styling gel and a couple of bundles that need to be left for 10-15 minutes (when you need it faster, help yourself with a hairdryer). 
  4. Do not forget that any face shape, when necessary, can be corrected with makeup... Use a creamy or dry concealer, and then incorporate any trend from red arrows to glitter. Do not deny yourself anything.