Although it seems strange in 2021, some people (mostly men, but women also happen) are still not sure if the G-spot exists. Six facts were collected in this material to dispel all doubts.

Find Me If You Can: Curious G-Spot Facts

1. They found out about her only in the 80s.

Although the concept of vaginal orgasm has been around since the 17th century, the term "G-spot" only appeared in the 80s. It is curious that the erogenous area, which, if properly stimulated, can lead to intense arousal, wasnamed after a man - Ernst Grafenberg, German gynecologist and urologist. Since the 1940s, it was he who actively studied this important area. 

2. She is part of a common

The G-spot is not a separate object on a woman's body, but part of the clitourethrovaginal complex... It has several structures that can produce pleasant sensations during stimulation. And you can never say for sure whether the G-spot is working now, something else, or a whole team of "specialists". 

3. It's not easy to explore

The question is does the magic point exist or not, is still standing just because some modern studies have not been able to detect it. But in these works there is always a problem with methods, because sensations during sex are a very personal thing and always based on the words of the volunteers, but not on any objective characteristics. 

4. But she definitely exists

Despite all the discussions about, science knows exactly where to look for the G-spot.It is located on the front wall of the vagina, about 5-8 cm above the vaginal opening. And it is best to stimulate it with your fingers using a movement that the teaching called "come here."

5. There are individual features here

The body of every person (both men and women) is a complex "machine" with its own characteristics. So, although scientists have roughly determined the position of the G-spot inside the female body, they are not ready to guarantee that it will not be located closer to someone, but deeper in someone. In short, looking for the G-spot, even armed with theory, alwaysneed to adapt to current conditionsand act as appropriate . 

6. Not everyone likes it

It is generally accepted that the detection of the G-point is such a universal way to help a woman reach orgasm(some are even sure that "the brightest orgasm in her life"). But the truth is, not all women experience G-spot stimulation. Some people enjoy it, but no more. For others, it's okay, but you can do it without it. And for the third, it can generally cause discomfort . So you shouldn't dwell on this in case of anything.