How to find your soul mate on dating sites and not get caught by fans of short novels? What is worth watching, and what absolutely should not be done?

Communication on dating sites: what to do and what is better not

In the modern world, dating via the Internet is becoming more and more relevant. You can meet on social networks (messengers, comments, discussions, interest groups), in special applications and on dating sites. Experienced users and seekers of personal happiness on the Internet say that you can really find your soul mate in this way, however, first you have to shovel a mountain of "garbage". As with any acquaintance, on the Internet it is important how to attract attention to yourself.

1. Be positive

Good luck is achieved by the one who believes in it. If you register on a dating site, download an application, then decide on your goals - communication, sex, long-term relationships. Do not hesitate to talk about what drives you: if you want to find your soul mate and get married, so do not be ashamed of your desires. Remember that, just like in life, you must hook a potential partner. Analyze your strengths: appearance, sense of humor, hobbies - what makes you an individual, and should be highlighted.Ideally, you should have one phrase that, like an advertising slogan, characterizes you best and is easy to remember.

2. Avoid stereotypes

You should not write about yourself that you are kind, caring and economic. Describe yourself and your life with a couple of funny sentences - short, clear and humorous about who you are and what you love.

3. Ask your friends for their opinion

And it is better if these friends belong to the opposite sex. Show them your profile and photo and ask what they think about it - they would pay attention to you if they visited dating sites.An outside opinion in this case should not be underestimated.

4. Be honest, but not too frank

We all want to look our best on a first date or when we meet, so most people tend to embellish both themselves and their lives. But no matter how great the temptation is to underestimate your age and exaggerate some other parameters, practice shows thathonesty in a relationship is still the best policy. At the same time, remember that excessive frankness is not needed neither by you, nor by those who will read your profile and be interested in your profile. A little understatement definitely doesn't hurt.

5. Remember to be polite

Agree that there is a big difference between being honest and being rude. There is nothing wrong with knowing who you are looking for and want to see next to you. You just do not need to convey this to your potential partners in a rude and impartial form, maintain your dignity under any conditions.

6. Fix your mistakes

It would seem, who pays attention to literacy  in our time, when there are a lot of mistakes even in the headlines? But suddenly you are still lucky and you will come across a perfectionist and someone who is on a friendly footing with your language. Therefore, before you publish your profile, reread it and work on your spelling.

7. Do not give up

On the Internet, as in life, it is difficult to meet your soul mate, but for a persistent person, confident in their abilities, nothing is impossible. Remember this when you miss and fail.Set yourself up for the fact that with each miss the chances of happiness only increase.

What not to do

  1. Don't post too candid photos. Moreover, if you want to find a serious relationship.
  2. Take your time with dating (but also don't drag it out). It is worth talking to a man for at least a few days. You can safely stop communicating with those who are too persistent and hasty.
  3. Don't write formulaic phrases. It’s not wise to write “hello” and wait hours for an answer.Many such short messages are even annoying . Try to find something interesting in his profile and start a conversation by discussing this item.
  4. Do not indicate your phone number, email, and even more so your real address.