If earlier we drew beauty hacks from YouTube, now TikTok has become a place of power. Right now, there are more and more viral videos showing how regular potatoes can help get rid of acne. Does it really work?

Clean skin potatoes are a new trend on TikTok. Does it really work?

What exactly do TikTokers do

Let's start with the main thing - the scheme of use. Bloggers on TikTok take half a raw potato and then tape it to pimples. According to the videos, this approachallows you to at least reduce redness, and how to visually make the skin even and beautiful. 

But while we know that potatoes are rich in vitamins and nutrients, some of which can definitely be good for the skin, the method looks strange. 

What science thinks about it

According to experts, potatoes can have a positive effect on the skin in three ways:

  1. through starchwhich soothes inflammation and absorbs sebum ;
  2. through vitamin Cwhich can potentially reduce the risk of scarring and acne as the pimple heals;
  3. through catecholases - an enzyme that brightens the skin.

It is important to understand that acne is an inflammatory condition associated with the production of cytokines in the body. These are molecules that are released by the cells of the immune system. So, one 2013 study showed that potato peel extract had an anti-inflammatory effect in laboratory mice, reducing the number of cytokines. 

Sounds good, right? But here it is important to understand that it isjust one study, carried out, moreover, on rodents, and not on humans. So it is objectively difficult to call it powerful scientific support.  

How to try a life hack at home

If you still want to try the potato trick, you can, of course, do it, because it can't hurt you in any way. But there are a couple of points to consider:

  • first, it is mandatory (and properly) wash vegetableto remove any potentially harmful microorganisms from it;
  • secondly, completely remove the peel from it to eliminate any risks;
  • thirdly, cut the potatoes thin slicesso that you do not have to arrange "dances with tambourines" and tape at the same time;
  • fourth, cleanse your face well before you start (you can even rub it with a tonic);
  • fifth, lie on the bed, place the potato slice on the desired area - and leave it on for 10 minutes. 

But if this is not a situational pimple, but a dermatological problem, also known as acne , it is worth contacting a dermatologist, not TikTok. This is the main rule.