When you really like something, you always want it to last as long as possible. Sex with a loved one is no exception. Here's what you should try to prolong your pleasure in bed.

7 ways to prolong your pleasure in bed

1. Start by playing

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf? Or maybe Khaleesi and Jon Snow? Choose the option to your taste - and join the game. Foreplay allows not only to stretch the overall pleasure of the process, but alsomake it more memorable... Take note if you still haven't bought a gift for February 14th.

2. Try toys

It's official: using toys in bed has a positive effect on both time and desire. Scientists think thatthe point here is the effect of novelty... When we are doing something familiar, time drags on, but with any new activity it literally flies. With toys, if you have not used them before, it will be the same (and how many new impressions!)

3. Change poses

One of the easiest ways to make sex last longer and better is to experiment with positions. We advise beginners so farpostpone acrobatic stuntsand focus on simple things that you haven't tried yet. By the way, games with poses influence your intimate life very well: study the Kamasutra, choose the most interesting - and do not deny yourself anything.

4. Use condoms

You may have never thought about it, but using a condom is not only a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs , but also a way to prolong pleasure. By creatingdividing barrier between skin and skin, they change the feeling and slow down the speed a little.

5. Do not hurry

There is nothing more exciting than stopping in the process to enjoy the moment. Pauses are an important part of tantric sex, with thousands of fans around the world telling the truth that the technique works. So try not to rush too much and from time to timedistance yourself from each other.

6. Exercise

Sexologists say strong pelvic floor muscles are one of the top secrets to long-lasting sex. So it's helpful to include these exercises in your “training schedule” on a regular basis. Nice bonus: this and in generalvery good for women's health... Important note: they also help men (especially if there is a problem with premature ejaculation).

7. Just relax

And here is the main secret - forget about all the secretsand enjoy the time spent together. All these tips, of course, take note. But don't forget this: sometimes all you have to do to prolong the pleasure in bed and get the full range of emotions from sex is just to relax.