Without social networks today, nowhere. And they might even be helpful. But the fact that they begin to harm is very difficult to notice on your own. Check if you are flipping someone else's tapes to your detriment.

Bad Influence: 4 Signs Social Networks Are Hindering Your Life

While social media is undoubtedly an advantage in many ways, there is a dark side to the glossy, lighted world behind our sleek screens, as well as a number of psychological triggers that make it easy to become addicted to the system . As proof - the main signs that indicate that social networks are negatively affecting you.

1. Too much involvement

The first important sign that your social media behavior is unhealthy is how often you use them. Do you feel the need to check your phone every few minutes? Does it calm you down?While there is no “right” amount of time to spend on the Internet, you should be able to intuitively understand that it’s too much for you. A great way to know for sure is to capture the moment when it stops being enjoyable and becomes stressful.

2. Stress

People use social media to voice their opinions on everything from customer service to politics, but the downside to this is that our feeds often resemble an endless stream of stress. From a multitude of photos of family, friends, food and pets, social media pages have become a field for drawing attention to a number of personal issues. Among the many posts about the poor performance of city hospitals, unfair layoffs and other posts on the topic of the day, you can find dozens of horrifying texts about death and domestic violence . People throw stress into the media by wanting to share their concerns and get feedback.

If, after several hours of watching stories and flipping through posts, you talk about worldly injustice with a lump in your throat, this is not an alarming, but not a positive bell either. The negative remains inside your consciousness, it affects the work of the brain and your sensitivity, even if you do not notice any obvious changes in your behavior.

3. Full immersion in the virtual world

Any behavior causes problems when it interferes with your functioning. Many of us disconnect from the real world when using our phone. How many times did someone close to you ask you a question and repeat it while you read another signature under someone's photo or tried to understand a complex meme and did not hear anyone at all?

Few of us can do several things at the same time, but the main harm of social media in this situation is that social media is not a business. This is not a task that you have to complete, but rather a distraction, an element of leisure and entertainment. Prioritize your focus on the environment, not on your phone screen when the situation calls for it.If you find it difficult to shift your attention, it is worth considering how much social media craze seems to be healthy.

4. Decreased self-esteem

Two of the biggest problems with social media are that they support social comparison and also create the problem of feeling like you are constantly being watched. If you follow people who make you hate yourself and instill a desire to change, your self-esteem will deteriorate over time. If you follow the people who inspire you to be yourself , the opposite will be true.

Psychologists advise women with deep complexes to remove social networks during therapy. This is a problem of all modern humanity, which must be dealt with, becauseyou cannot be a happy and successful person when all your time is spent spying on the lives of strangers. It all depends on your intentions, so you must clearly understand what you want to get from social networks before entering the system.