What if you like a man, but you don't know how to attract his attention and get to know him better?

And I like him! How a humble woman takes the first step towards love

In old times, there was a belief that modesty was a beauty. At the dawn of new age, we learned that modesty is good if a girl has no other jewelry. Today, being modest is generally unfashionable. It is rather a flaw that indicates self-doubt. It is difficult for modest people to get well in life, because their main quality prevents them from declaring themselves. However, even a modest person wants to be noticed, to be liked and to build relationships with the opposite sex. 

The rules of good manners, invented many centuries ago, traditionally assigned the role of the first violin in relationships to representatives of the strong half of humanity. This is understandable: whoever killed the mammoth calls the lady into the cave for a date. 

Since women are weak and defenseless creatures, their task is to keep the flame in the hearth day and night, and no one ever expected any initiative in relationships from them. The maximum that a woman could afford in those distant times and later was to drop her scarf, look away, and give the impression of a well-bred lady. 

We can say that Pushkin's Tatyana Larina, having overcome the modesty of a young lady from the 19th century, befitting her, was in her way a revolutionary or even a feminist, since she took the initiative into her own hands (for which, among other things, Onegin was rejected). Then, when Tatyana occupied a different position in society and was inaccessible to the main character, she immediately aroused genuine interest in him with her crimson beret and other attributes of a successful lady from high society. 

About times, about manners

In our time, being modest is tantamount to "being out of work." It is possible, as practice shows, to wait indefinitely for a prince on a white horse or for an initiative from a man. At the same time, any man will regard the manifestation of a reasonable and justified initiative as the very green light in order to overcome his own shyness (read complexes) and get acquainted with a beautiful stranger.

Men are rational creatures and will definitely appreciate the opportunity for acquaintance that a woman is ready to give them. 

But this issue, of course, has its own nuances. It is not in vain that nature created us different, having initially laid down the hunting instinct in men, and coquetry and the ability to flirt in women. No matter how the surrounding reality changes, no matter how successful and independent women become, men want, as many centuries ago, to become interested and catch up, win the lady of the heart who is "running away" from him. Therefore, if you do not act ahead, but subtly, gracefully lead a man to an acquaintance, success will be guaranteed.

4 ways to get attention 

Nature has presented a weak, defenseless, but at the same time, modern and independent woman with many advantages, such as the possibility of transformation, the makings of acting and other "female tricks". You can try on any image and be different - thoughtful, funny, playful, playful, charming - whatever! And all this is necessary in order to interest a man who you liked, but has not yet taken the first step.

Feel free to ask for help

Stop looking strong and independent. No wonder they say that a woman's strength lies in her weakness. Plus, showing concern is a man's need . Use this little feminine trick to your advantage when you're trying to get attention. 

For example, at work: you can always ask a nice colleague to print something, screen it, fix something on your computer, because you don't understand anything about it and generally clicked somewhere in the wrong place. Include naivety and the feminine charm released to you by nature: do not be afraid to be weak, because it is actually so attractive. Of course, you shouldn't deliberately pretend to be stupid, it doesn't decorate anyone! But it is possible and necessary to show that you need help. 

Do you think why ladies in the old days endlessly dropped gloves and scarves? Yes, so that the gentleman has a reason to come up and speak! Use the life hacks of your great-grandmothers, drop the paper, purse, pen, so that the man will pay attention to you, bend over and pick you up, and you are all so embarrassed, awkward all, contradictory. Ask the man you like to get something from the shelf in the store, because you are small and cannot reach. Do not be shy to show your imagination and remain charming and, of course, moderately modest.

Use the circumstances 

Any man wants to be strong, arouse admiration and hear words of gratitude addressed to him. And women need care. 

You get off the subway or electric bus, and the street (or steps) is slippery. Why not ask a man you like to give you his hand and ask for help? If it is raining outside, it will not be such a height of indecency to ask for one umbrella with a gentleman.

You can ask permission to walk for a short time with a man, because the guy over there looked at you very suspiciously and tried to pester you, but it's dark outside and you are scared to walk alone. You will be surprised, but almost any normal person will definitely respond to such a request for help, give a hand, cover with an umbrella and will not mind walking next to you, if necessary. Striking up a conversation in such conditions is not difficult. 

Ask for directions

This is the most hackneyed, but effective method to start meeting a potential beau. It is a well-known fact that almost all women suffer from problems with orientation in space, and this can and should be used to their advantage. Well, you don't know how to get from point A to point B, and Google and Yandex are also powerless here (or maybe the phone is dead), so you decided to ask him, a courageous and charismatic representative of a strong half of humanity. You are smart, sociable, moderately modest, but absolutely not versed in the intricacies of streets and intersections, a woman.

You can immediately find out if a man is going there, because you doubt whether you will get there on your own. Again, starting a conversation on any topic if it also moves from point A to point B is not a problem. You can gently ask, why should he go there, or tell about your intentions. A little polite interest, seasoned with a sweet smile and goodwill, and that's it - communication is established.  

Lose something

Another reliable way to attract attention in order to unobtrusively establish an acquaintance is to inform the person about some sudden loss and ask him for a favor: to look for this thing together. I dropped my lipstick and you can't find it: “It must have fallen somewhere! Can you help me find her? " Sweet femininity, easy requests, pleading in the eyes, charming smile - this is all that is required of a modest woman.

All four of these methods are simple and therefore quite natural: they allow you to come up with an excuse to talk to a stranger and draw attention to yourself. Of course, they do not guarantee love at first sight and a happy personal life either. This is just an excuse for dating, the chance that you give a man. Whether he uses it or not is another matter. But you did your job and you can sleep peacefully, remaining a modest woman, not hesitating to use little tricks to your advantage.