Let's be fair, long nails aren't for everyone. The author of this material, for example, cannot print with them, which means that the work will immediately stop. But if you've always dreamed of "claws", check to see if you are making common mistakes.

And everything broke: bad habits that prevent you from growing long nails

 1. Forgetting hand cream

In winter, hand cream is a guarantee that the skin will not dry out or shrink... But there is more. It turns out that high-quality hydration is fundamentally important for healthy nails. Here's how it works: A healthier nail grows from a well-hydrated nail bed, and a healthier nail bends rather than breaks under any external force.

2. You wash the dishes without gloves

No less destructive effect on nails (and the skin of the hands, by the way, too) is possessed by detergents for washing dishes, windows, floors and anything else. And the mildest household chemicals canmake nails more fragile or slow down their growthso if impressive lengths are your goal, any household chores should be done with gloves. Yes, it is not always convenient, but the result, believe me, is worth it. 

3. Don't file your nails

Even on strong and healthy nails under the influence of environmental factors (say, when you are trying to pick up something with them) microcracks may form... They, in turn,able to turn into maxi cracksunless you file your nails regularly. Here the rule is the same as with hair: it is better to remove the length a little all the time than then all at once. 

4. Missing the base in the manicure

It only seems that the base coat is just another layer in your already multi-layered manicure, which additionally inhibits drying. In fact, these products even speed up drying, andenhance the adhesion of the color to the nail, so you go through with your beautiful manicure longer. Not to mention the fact that they usually have a bunch of useful components in their composition.

5. Ripping off the varnish

We've all been there - in a situation where there is no nail polish remover at hand, and the nails look like a real disaster. But firstly, if you start to rip off the cover,they will look like an even bigger disaster... Secondly, the risk of removing the top layer of the nail together with varnish increases significantly. Therefore, it would be wiser to try not to look at your hands and still endure home. And there already use liquid (preferably without acetone), a cotton pad (preferably lint-free) and cuticle oil (it has not harmed anyone yet) at the same time.

6. Eat few eggs and nuts

It turns out long nails have their own diet... Specifically, they need biotin, a B vitamin found in animal protein, including chicken, eggs and fish. And if you're trying to include more plant foods in your diet, make sure you have nuts, seeds, and dark leafy greens on your table.