Sometimes all your hair needs to look great is a little volume. But if you think that you will have to tinker with him, then right now we will dissuade you.

5 quick ways to add volume to your hair (only takes 10 minutes)

If you have 10 minutes - hairdryer

To make your hair look fuller than ever, just wash your hair. It won't take much time, but it is with the help of blow-dryyou can get an impressive result... Tip number of times: for the first couple of minutes, keep your head tilted down so that the hairs "remember" this position. Tip number two: be sure to blow dry your hair in the opposite direction from the parting to get even cooler.

If you have 7 minutes, iron

Ideally - corrugation, but we are not in the 2000s, so if you don't have it, it's okay. In fact, achieve volume at the rootsit will turn out with the help of the most ordinary styler... To do this, you need to grab a strand at the root, turn it in the opposite direction from the direction of hair growth and hold it a little. Do this with all the hair in the root zone (don't forget about heat protection), avoiding the top layer, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. 

If you have 5 minutes - bouffant

You may have heard that fleece is old-fashioned, it hurts and generally hurts your hair, so you better not. But it depends on what kind of fleece.If you have long or overgrown bangs, then combing it a little before leaving the house is a holy cause. It looks impressive, takes almost no time and adorns everyone, without exception. Life hack: to get the fleece quick and invisible, buy the right comb.

If you have 3 minutes - a bunch

Are you in a hurry already? Then sprinkle your hair with a styling spray, “beat” it with your hands, and then take it into a free high bun . Then in three minutes you will receive cool styling "model style", with which, perhaps, not at the reception to the queen, but at the exit you can definitely. 

If there is no time at all - dry shampoo

Finally, if you don't even have a minute left, and your hair clearly needs volume , use dry shampoo. Important point: if this is a new product,be sure to try it on a small strand- otherwise, then half an hour you will comb out the white powder from your hair and you will definitely be late everywhere. A few "zips" in the root zone, a couple of sudden head movements up and down, and the fastest voluminous hairstyle in the world is ready.