There are words that literally magically affect men - they are not just pleasant, but are a good and unobtrusive stimulus for development not only in relationships, but in all areas.

5 phrases you should regularly say to your man

Harmony in a relationship is based on several things: your common goals, emotional and physical intimacy, shared values, views of well-being, ease, flexibility, and, of course, communication skills - the ability to verbalize what you mean so that your man can hear you. , understood and just started talking with you in the same language.

Men need our support and kind words (we too, but today about them), there are phrases that are very important both for him personally and for your relationship in general. Why not say them more often?

1. We will succeed with you!

This is a phrase that characterizes community and unity. Often a man and a woman want very different things in a relationship and do not seek to unite their goals. She thinks that a bigger apartment is needed to give birth to a child, which means that she needs to earn more, and he thinks that she wants to finally relax and not put everything off on a mortgage.Common goals are very important, even more important is the realization that you are together, which means that you can even reach these goals through difficulties, because you support each other.

2. I love you, you are my best!

In a couple, harmony is very important - both around you, in your home, and inside, in the head and heart of everyone, and between you, of course, also - both emotional and physical. Show the man that you understand him, adore him, that you are truly pleased to be with him. It so happens that someone is more emotional, and someone is more withdrawn. But there is no need to be offended by this. Express your feelings to your partner, talk about them out loud, and the man himself will create a unique atmosphere in your couple.

3. I believe in you!

The support of a man in his financial and professional exploits is incredibly important. After all, your well-being depends on it.The woman inspires, and the man acts. At the same time, financial success is the basis of well-being in other areas of life. Therefore, expressing your feelings and supporting your partner is an integral part of a calm joint union.

4. You and me, together we are so alike

These words draw your partner's attention to your shared values. Think about what is valuable to you. Make a personal rating of the most important - choose 5 main values. Your man has them too. And if they match, of course, the relationship will be easier to build. After all, if you both prioritize family and children, you will be happy to have and educate them, if your career will not be indignant at each other's schedules, but will discuss your successes. Common values ​​bring people closer together. So show the man that you have them, that you are alike.

5. Ok let's think together

This phrase makes you feel light and flexible in a relationship, helps to find a compromise. Any scandal can be resolved with affectionate words, consent, and when a man calmed down (yes, someone needs to be angry, nervous for this), you can talk constructively. Be lighter, do not overreact to any negativity, try to look at problems from a positive angle. Explain to your man that all problems can be solved, especially since you are together in order to help each other.

All these words are necessary for psychological comfort. They allow you to build long and harmonious relationships.Of course, a couple needs joint efforts, but you can start with yourself - include these phrases in regular communication. Believe me, a man will also immediately want to tell you something pleasant more often.