If none of your relationships can last long, think about whether your own habits may be to blame. Some we sometimes don't even notice.

5 habits of a woman that prevent her from getting along with a man

Women's happiness is fragile and so necessary. And it can be very offensive when partners meet, fall in love, and then something insignificant happens, and the relationship ends without becoming something fateful. There are also cases when partners meet, but they just cannot move to the stage of cohabitation and nepotism. There are several reasons for this: from the mismatch in values ​​to elementary habits with which the partner cannot get along. We invite you to familiarize yourself with women's habits that destroy relationships.

1. Obsession at work

At first, career growth is an urgent need, but there are such exceptional cases when women's work always comes to the fore. She talks only about work, her priority is only work, she builds her life in such a way that work guides everything that happens in her life. The habit of building your work into a kind of cult over time creates discomfort for your man .At first, this is welcome, only on close examination does the work become a serious competitor for a man, and he is not at all ready to win your attention from her constantly.

2. The habit of not following generally accepted household rules of order

We all have our own notions of order . For someone it is important that everything is laid out on the shelves, but for someone it does not matter at all whether your pajamas are hanging on a hanger or not. Unfortunately, the partners are embarrassed to talk about it. And even if they take risks, they face a female sharply negative reaction. There is a misunderstanding, and over time, the man draws conclusions for himself and does not accept your creative gloom.

3. The habit of making a man to blame for everything

It permanently closes the partner's trust in you. You cannot make a remark to you , you cannot express your opinion, which does not correspond to yours. Eventually a man is in a relationship with you and seems to be walking through a minefield... I did not remember the date of the first meeting - you are to blame. Didn't come on time, even if your work delayed you - you are to blame. You speak in the wrong tone, you speak the wrong way, you do the wrong thing ... And most importantly, you don’t feel me. All this, with a cumulative effect, blows off a man's head. And he is categorically not ready to put up with it.

4. The habit of constantly demanding from a man what he cannot give

This usually concerns a financial issue . When you are just building a relationship, you choose an image and evaluate your attraction to your partner. In the future, women's appetites grow, and educational work begins. The woman believes that this is how she stimulates the man. “I want to go on vacation to Italy! I need new boots. And when will we go to the theater for good seats? You never do anything for me. " These claims accumulate, and even with all the desire to be with you, the man concludes that it is better for you to go different ways.

5. The habit of hinting at everything and nothing, never speaking directly

This is not just annoying , but even infuriates the man.It would seem that it is easier to say specifically what needs to be done. But here the female creative fantasy turns on, unfortunately, silent, and the woman in her head scrolls one hundred and one scenarios of behavior and reactions. And when a man does not do the way you thought of yourself, he is put on the black list of callous, incomprehensible and mediocre people.

These are the main female habits that men do not accept in relationships, and as a result, they make choices that are not in your favor. There is also a terrible female habit of catastrophizing everything that happens. When everything is gone! Mega drama is created out of everything. And these abundant emotions from scratch create such discomfort for the partner that he is not ready to accept it categorically. The most important advice that can minimize your complaints and discontent istake the place of your partner, think and analyze, based on his position, and then you will get that very female happiness that you have dreamed of for so long.