All the feelings that we experience are reflected in our heart (and not just the addiction to bad habits). What can you change in yourself to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?

2 main emotions that cause and worsen heart disease

“Heart, you don’t want peace” - is sung in the song. And this is not only true about love. The heart works continuously for the benefit of the whole organism and our life. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death, because this organ wears out so quickly, and even we do not save it by abusing bad habits. Heart disease is also directly related to our emotions. Scientists have long ago found a connection between them and his work. So unpleasant symptoms like a feeling of heart sinking, pressure surges, fainting, angina attacks are very often preceded by such emotions as fear or anger.

It is believed that psychosomatic heart diseases are primarily heart attacks and chronic hypertension. But others can also be associated with the negative that accumulates within us.

Heart as a symbol of love

No wonder we even depict love in the form of a heart. The heart is associated not only with those who study psychosomatics with this feeling. It is beautiful, but it also spoils his health.

Feelings are one of the main causes of heart disease. Not only the feelings of a woman for a man, but also of a child for a mother, just close people.If someone lacks feelings, he will accumulate them inside, but together with longing, depression, and someone with discontent - all this literally destroys the health of the heart.

Emotions Causing Heart Disease

1. Aggressiveness, striving for self-affirmation

Such people are constantly in a struggle with the outside world. They are impatient, irritable, competitive and conflict prone. At the same time, they can behave emphatically correctly and politely, but a real hurricane of negative emotions is raging inside them.Often such individuals are maximalists, but they have little time, which makes them angry too.And they are also torn between "I must" and "I want" , they are constantly eaten by internal conflicts and contradictions. Of course, in this case, it is important to learn how to release negativity (gently), understand the reasons for your contradictions, and also enjoy life and stop seeing danger in everything and everyone.

2. Self-doubt, anxiety

Stiffness and shyness also cause internal conflicts and heart disease. Such people are often in expectation of something bad, they are overcome by fears, panic . At the same time, they are completely unprepared to fight and will not even express their point of view (so as not to offend anyone or so as not to look worse in the eyes of others). It is very important for them to comply with the norms.They patiently endure everything, endure any twists and turns of fate. True, this does not mean that they are calm inside- after all, emotions are still there, they just spin inside. Even if outwardly they seem calm, inside they are mentally tense. There is no discharge to this voltage. She needs to be dealt with first. Such people should understand that inconsistency with often invented norms will not lead to bad things and that it is important to be yourself, to release your emotions and desires.