Women's statements that not only offend manhood, but also threaten the relationship.

10 phrases that kill feelings even in a loving man

If women are most of all worried and worried about the fact that a man does not do something the way they need to, then men are simply panicky afraid of some female statements.

These phrases of men are annoying, they do not understand their meaning and simply cannot control their feelings when they hear this. Of course, if partners have sincere feelings, they will take care of their friend and not say what they will regret. A woman is in a state of emotional expression, when she is "carried", despite strong feelings, is able to injure a partner and say something from which a man cannot recover for a long time. Rating of categorical phrases that destroy trust and relationships. 

1. I never loved you

This wording is usually thrown into hearts when a woman lacks arguments. And I want to hit my partner more painfully with the word. Men at this moment do not feel the tragedy of a lack of feelings, but they feel deep disappointment from deception. 

2. I never got pleasure with you, I don't want you

With this phrase, women usually try to hint and explain that they do not want to do it the way they used to. Wanting to provoke a partner into some unknown actions that they themselves do not know about. 

3. You're cheating on me

If there is a real reason, of course this is one thing. But if these are female guesses, provocations that stimulate a man to endless excuses... People generally do not like manipulations in which they feel guilty out of nowhere and are forced to make excuses for what they did not commit. 

4. You don't take any attention away from me

This is a terrible male nightmare. What kind of attention do you want? Men prefer specifics and female claims, and hints are completely incomprehensible to them. There is no clear guide to action. But the fact that everything is wrong is obvious. For a man, this is a constant discomfort. 

5. I want freedom

This is generally the formulation that drives a man into a stupor. On the one hand, no one is holding anyone, but on the other hand, if a woman wanted freedom, it is not very clear what the reason is. Either this male behavior provoked such strange conclusions, or it was someone else who caught the woman's attention. And then, along with women's freedom, male jealousy appears. 

6. You do everything wrong

This phrase is also one of the nominalizations, that is, an indefinite formulation unsettles a man and forces him to justify that men hate. The most important thing is that the man is offended in such statements, that the woman is completely overlooked, and that the man does the right thing. 

7. You don't do anything for me

Or you're always not doing enough. This claim annoys a man no less than the previous claim phrases. Men are very worried that all their undertakings go unnoticed, but their dreams are elevated to the cult of female discontent. 

8. You earn little, you sit on my neck

Of course, this is the most terrible phrase for a man, because if he could, he would have become a millionaire long ago and would buy you everything you want. But someone lacks self-confidence, someone has good luck, someone just struggles with endless laziness. And hearing this from a woman you love is a disaster. 

9. You are a terrible (no) father

Especially if the partners are divorced, it is extremely unpleasant for a man to hear this. Men give the kind of parenting experience that they themselves get in childhood. And every man does exactly as much as his inner responsibility allows. And many of their parental sins know. 

10. You are not a man

The insults in the form of such a statement will destroy trust forever. And even saying this in the hearts of a man hurts. Of course, with this wording, a man does not skimp on harsh statements in response. 

Naturally, such sharp statements are the consequences of a violation of respect and mutual understanding in a couple. Most often, women speak out this way when there is already accumulated experience of negative experience and unspoken, unconsidered problems. The main rule in a successful relationship is not to accumulate claims and not to snowball them. Then there will be no such offensive and toxic phrases in your relationship.