Motherhood is not an automatic program. Find out what to "pull up" and what to work on when expecting your first child, these simple but important questions will help.

Will I be a good mom? 3 uncomfortable questions to yourself

Are you expecting this child?

If you find yourself sorting out things for a newborn, mentally talking to the baby - these are sure signs that you are looking forward to meeting him. A pleasant, fluttering joy of anticipation shows the most important thing - you are ready for a new role. Psychologically, you pulled yourself together, got used to the new state of affairs, to profound changes in life, and now the joy of your future meeting with the child appeared. Of course, you are still afraid and, perhaps, worried that you will not be able to calm your baby in the supermarket or be confused when he has a fever. However, you are ready to cope with all future troubles and protect the child. Only good moms have this feeling.

What models of motherhood are you familiar with?

Analyze what kind of mothers you have met. Remember the behavior of your aunt, your friend's mother, your brother's wife and your mother. This is important because unconsciously we repeat the behavior patterns of our loved ones , mothers in the first place. The analysis can figure out what behavior you will be guided by when the baby is born. By understanding this in advance, you will be able to tune in and correct the behavior in your head. After giving birth, you will have a lot of trouble, so you may not have the strength to analyze and correct behavior. There is a universal model of a good mother from the series - in a clean apron and with a neat hairdo with a baby at the stove and with a smile on her lips. And there is a model of a good mom just for you. Describe her on the sheet: what do you consider important to do as a mother, and what is unacceptable... This will bring you closer to your own "mom's ideal."

What do you know about childbirth, the first days of a baby's life and caring for him?

The information needs to be studied, especially since there is a lot of available literature on this topic, and among the courses on preparing for childbirth there are also free ones. The birthing process greatly affects the physical and psychological well-being of the baby. Therefore, you need to study everything about the stages of childbirth and about how you better behave, what to pay attention to. You will also need to read about the first year of a child's life - about breastfeeding, about complementary foods, about vaccinations, diseases and much more. Yes, if you have the information, you are a good mother , that is, a responsible one who can figure out how to stop a hungry dinosaur if he suddenly ends up near the baby's bed.