They seem strange to many people, the attitude towards their loneliness is often negative. What is behind this way of life?

What's wrong with him: myths and the truth about single men

If a man has been alone for a very long time, many people immediately think that something is wrong with him. "Inveterate" bachelors have overgrown with many myths regarding their character, characteristics and reasons for loneliness. Are they all correct?

Myths: being alone for a long time means...

1. Seducer

Womanizer, Don Juan, insidious seducer - whatever you call it, the meaning is clear. Most are sure that if a man is single, then in reality everything is completely different, and he has a huge number of women. Especially often women who are deceived by their own men think so.

2. Mama's son

He is just literally in love with his mother, and no other woman can replace her . Few of the fair sex are eager to compete with such a mother. Nobody wants conflicts.

And such a man, in the opinion of others, is probably a mumbler, henpecked, does not know how to make decisions himself - but in life these factors may be completely unrelated.

3. Abandoned but still loving

This myth is even romantic. His wife left him, but he still loves her. Although he has no chance for a long time. At the same time, each woman will believe that he is dating her out of revenge or simply to temporarily drown out the pain, and also that he always, being next to her, represents his ex-wife .In such cases, a woman will always mentally compare herself with his ex, which is fraught with uncertainty, jealousy, even neuroses.

4. Just weird

Once alone, it means that no one could get along with him. Apparently, he has a "bunch of cockroaches" in his head, while he absolutely does not want to part with them, even for the sake of his beloved woman - so she is not there. But in fact, we all have some kind of habits that others may find strange.

5. Unconventional orientation

This opinion is very common today. Many women are sure that if a man does not date women, it means that they probably simply do not interest him, and he prefers his gender, but simply does not recognize, because this is still not approved, just like the relationship between representatives of different sexes ...

Truth: why is he lonely

There are many reasons why men choose to remain single. In part, they may even correspond to stereotypes, and even several at once. But not always. The origins of a bachelor life can very often lie both in childhood itself (after a conflict between parents, he himself does not want to repeat their experience), and in adulthood (unsuccessful relationships).

Very often men are simply not confident enough in themselves, especially after a long break in a relationship, they are afraid of failure in communication , and even more so in intimacy, so they prefer to avoid it altogether. This is a very vulnerable topic for the stronger sex.

Some people actually believe in great love, but simply cannot find it. But they don't want to talk about their excessive sentimentality and romance either.

Among the reasons may be hidden homosexuality, in which a man is afraid to admit even to himself.