Not all foods add inches to the waist. There are also fat burners that can help you lose weight.

What to eat to lose weight: foods that burn fat

What is the secret to the effectiveness of these products? The fact is that they have a low calorie content and help to quickly absorb food, turning it into energy and vitamins, and not into the ill-fated fat on the sides. In short, the body spends more energy on digesting such foods than they contain. In the end - voila! - you lose weight without the hassle and exhausting diets.

An important warning: under no circumstances do a mono-diet with fat burners, otherwise there is a risk of harm to your health.


The most effective fat burner for women is grapefruit . If you eat it daily (150 g is enough), then you can reduce weight by 2 kg in 2 weeks. The amazing effect of grapefruit on the body is due to the fact that it reduces hunger and speeds up the metabolism of fat. This also includes other citrus fruits: pomelo, oranges, tangerines . However, making these foods a part of your diet, do not eat them on an empty stomach - you can damage the stomach lining.

Pineapple is useful for weight loss . It helps fight hunger and digest heavier protein foods (fish, meat, legumes), significantly speeding up metabolism. It is enough to eat a little fresh pineapple pulp several times a day. Please note: for fat burning, you need just fresh pineapple, there is not a single gram of substances useful for metabolism in canned fruit. 


When choosing vegetables, pay special attention to those that are rich in fiber: cabbage and all its varieties, cucumbers, bell peppers, artichoke, celery, red beets, broccoli, radishes, green peas, black radish, carrots, asparagus and spinach . It sounds like magic, but these vegetables consume more calories than they contain. In addition, the fiber in vegetables improves the digestive tract.

By regularly adding carrots or broccoli to your diet, you will not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

Use onion and garlic not only as a healthy and fragrant seasoning, but also as a fat-burning product (but in reasonable quantities!) . Not only do these vegetables burn fat as well as physical labor, but they act on the hypothalamus and reduce hunger, not to mention protecting against bacteria and strengthening the immune system.

For dessert

The line of fat burners includes cinnamon, ginger and chicory to improve metabolism. Cinnamon also helps metabolize sugar more efficiently by lowering blood sugar levels and inhibiting the formation of body fat. To achieve the desired effect, you need no more than a quarter teaspoon of the spice per meal. Ginger burns fat thanks to the content of gingerol and essential oils. It can be added to various dishes as a condiment, eaten pickled (a good excuse to visit a sushi bar), and added to tea. As for chicory, many replace the less healthy coffee with it, adding sugar and cream to taste. 

Don't like chicory? Then remember about green tea ! Its beneficial effect on metabolism has long been widely known, and experiments have proven: 4 cups of green tea a day helps to lose more than 2.5 kg in 2 months. For weight loss, keep a jug of green tea and ice in the refrigerator or drink it freshly throughout the day. Five cups of the drink will save you 70-80 calories, and in combination with competent physical activity, you can lose weight in a matter of weeks.

Expert opinion

It's no secret that the most dietary foods are vegetables and fruits, so be sure to include salads from herbs, cucumbers, celery, peppers in the list of dishes for the New Year holidays, so that the body receives a sufficient amount of fiber, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety and allows you not to convey. In terms of dressing, skip mayonnaise altogether, preferring salads seasoned with oil. Drink plenty of water, and replace fresh juices and fruit juices with the fruits themselves and eat them neat.

The main thing is to eat balanced and remove flour, fatty and sweet foods from the diet. And there are no products that burn fat - this is the bitter truth.