Unlike dark circles, which are nothing nice either, but which at least can be tinted, bags under the eyes take more work. We will tell you what you can do with them.

What to do with bags under the eyes: from patches to blepharoplasty

Why do they even appear

To deal effectively with bags under your eyes, it is important to understand why you have them at all. Slight swelling or puffiness, which we call bags,often occurs with age... This is because the natural aging process makes the tissues around the eyes, including the muscles that support the eyelids, weaker. Because of this, the fatty tissue can move lower, increasing the swelling of the eyelids.

Other reasons include: 

  • fluid retention (especially after waking up or eating salty food);
  • lack of sleep (especially chronic lack of sleep);
  • allergic reaction;
  • smoking;
  • genetic predisposition.

Do patches and compresses help

The short answer is yes. Long answer: Even simple home remedies can help you deal with eye bags when it comes to fluid retention. It is worth, for example, to try at washing with ice cubes (just wrap them in a soft cloth so as not to harm the skin), use tissue mask or hydrogel patches straight from the fridge or, a Korean beauty recipe, immersion of the face in ice water for a few seconds. 

If the problem is not so much in the morning as it is situational, consider using caffeinated products... It can be either the same patches and masks, including alginate ones, or eye creams with caffeine (ideally in a video, which, by the way, you can also keep in the cold for additional toning), or a more intense story like microneedle technology , which will deliver the caffeine even deeper into the skin. 

What else can you do with bags under your eyes?

The more complex the problem, the more serious the solution will be. So if you have age-related bags under your eyes or have a genetic predisposition to them, patches alone, even with caffeine, are definitely not enough. 

Option one and long-term - blepharoplasty... This is a full-fledged plastic surgery , during which the doctor removes excess skin and fat from the problem area in order to shrink the bags or remove them completely. Like any other operation, it has its own characteristics and limitations. So if you are thinking about blepharoplasty, it is important to approach the issue with feeling, sense and consistency.

Option two and still long-term - fillers... Today, injection cosmetology can do almost everything, so with its help it will be possible to get rid of bags under the eyes too. To even out the skin relief and adjust the volume, specialists inject a filler into the nasolacrimal groove, due to which the area under the eyes immediately looks better and, which is important, younger. As with other injections, the procedure must be repeated regularly to maintain the filling effect. 

Finally, there is a third option - mesoscooter... You can work with it on your own (but first, of course, find out everything about the technology and safety rules "at work") or in the beautician's office. The essence of the procedure is that very thin needles are applied to the upper layer of the skin, which potentially increase collagen production, but in fact help to deliver nutrients deeper into the skin and cope with strong water retention, if any.