Conscious parenting involves an extensive list of actions in which all external attributes occupy the last lines.

We asked the gynecologist: what should be considered when planning a pregnancy (and during)

Preparing for the birth of a baby is not only about buying a crib and cute clothes for newborns. Conscious parenting involves a more extensive list of actions, in which all external attributes occupy the last lines. The priority is the health of mom and dad. 

The partners will have to pass tests for the compatibility of blood groups and Rh factors, find out if they have infections and pathologies that can interfere with pregnancy. Of course, the main attention will be paid to the analysis of the organism of the expectant mother, because it is she who will bear the child for nine months. For a pregnancy to go well, a woman needs to start strengthening her health before conception. 

We talked with gynecologist about what to consider when planning a pregnancy, what tests should be done early and how to behave for future fathers. 

About moral readiness

Before proceeding to the list of necessary tests in preparation for pregnancy, gynecologist voiced the key criterion for all couples who want to become parents. 

Partners must weigh the pros and cons before deciding on this step. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, future parents should try to "format" their lives as soon as possible and tune in to the global changes that will inevitably come with the child. 

“The most important thing is the couple's moral readiness to become parents soon. They must understand the responsibility that awaits them. It will not be easy, they will have to give up many of their habits, especially bad ones, and acquire new ones that are useful for the child. 

About analyzes (before pregnancy)

Having voiced the key point, you can move on to the medical part of preparing for pregnancy. First of all, a couple, according to the expert, needs to go through specialists in the infectious profile - to pass tests for the presence of certain infections. Basically, these are sexually transmitted infections.

“A man must pass a spermogram. This is hardly the only analysis that allows you to objectively assess the quantity and quality of semen and its constituent components. According to the relevant data, conclusions can be drawn about the fertility (ability to conceive) of a man. The woman must also undergo a fertility test and pelvic ultrasound. This is a minimum program, ”said the gynecologist. 

If there is a question about long-term unsuccessful attempts at conception, then both the man and the woman need to conduct extensive examinations. The list of analyzes is quite long. In particular, it includes checks for infectious pathogens, the presence of antibodies to various diseases, as well as the inflammatory process in the body. 

In addition, it is important to find out the state of the blood system of both spouses. Therefore, gynecologist notes, when planning a pregnancy, a coagulogram (or hemostasiogram) complex is mandatory. This is an analysis that detects violations in the blood system.

“Indications for appointment are the presence of such pathologies as varicose veins, pathology of the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, thyroid gland and autoimmune diseases. Also, an obstetrician-gynecologist, prescribing this analysis, takes into account the presence of operations performed in the expectant mother and whether she took any drugs that could affect blood clotting. In other words, you need to carry out a full check-up of the body, ”said the doctor. 

About tests (if pregnancy has already occurred)

The world of a woman who has learned that she will soon become a mother will never be the same again. She literally needs to reconsider her entire life and habits. Even when it comes to early dates. 

“A pregnant woman needs to eat right, sleep and walk. If she continues to work, then she needs to make her work easier - not to be on her feet for a long time or to sit for a long time . Of course, you need to give up bad habits such as alcohol and smoking. Cases are common when women were not aware of their pregnancy and continued to abuse both. It is important to stop immediately as soon as you know that you will soon become a mother, ”the expert emphasized. 

Another key point is the timely visit to the antenatal clinic. This will allow you to identify any deviations in time or carry out the correct prevention so that these deviations do not exist. 

“As soon as a woman finds out about her pregnancy, she needs to be tested for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It allows you to diagnose a normal and pathological pregnancy (for example, an ectopic). Chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the outer shell of the embryo, and is normally determined in the blood and urine of a woman only when pregnancy occurs. Then the doctor who will manage the pregnancy will give you a list of tests and announce the dates of the next meeting and ultrasound, ”

The first ultrasound is done to confirm pregnancy, the second during the first prenatal screening (11-13 weeks). The third planned ultrasound is the second major screening, it is performed at 19 - 21 weeks of pregnancy. 

If there is a need for an unscheduled visit, the patient must definitely call the doctor and make an appointment when she is worried about something. In such cases, narrow specialists are involved in the consultation, who help to identify what is associated with the individual manifestations of pregnancy in the patient. 

The right clothes and shoes

Comfortable clothes and shoes are also very important during pregnancy. According to the expert, in her practice there were situations when pregnant women wore tight clothes to hide their belly. This absolutely cannot be done, the doctor notes. Clothes should not squeeze the stomach in any way. 

 “From week 12 onwards, wearing heels is not recommended. Improper footwear can disrupt lymphatic drainage and micro blood flow, especially during long periods of pregnancy. There are patients who ignore these moments, then they start having problems in the form of uterine tone, ”said the gynecologist. 

Sports during pregnancy

“Sport during pregnancy is a very individual moment. If a woman has often played sports before, and she has adaptive signs, then, of course, she can slowly continue during pregnancy. Yoga for pregnant women or Pilates, as well as stretching, swimming and other exercises without strength load, are perfect as physical exercises, ”the doctor said. 

Naturally, all this is possible in the absence of contraindications. 

If the ultrasound showed the tone of the uterus or the detachment of the ovum, then the patient should observe physical rest. 

“In the early stages, a detachment can lead to a miscarriage. On ultrasound, it looks like a small bubble and is usually determined at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, ”the expert noted. 

The role of the man during pregnancy 

Men play a very important role during pregnancy. They are entrusted with the key task of supporting a pregnant wife, who during these 9 months can be very impulsive and emotional due to hormonal moments.

“A man should treat the emotional manifestations of a woman with understanding, love and care, no matter how difficult it is. It is very difficult without the right support, especially for primiparous women. Future fathers need to be empathetic, not ashamed to take an interest in the state of their wife, put a pillow on her, massage her hands and feet, make tea or prepare something for her. All this makes life easier for a pregnant woman if she does not have a house assistant, ”said the gynecologist.

Gynecologist also stressed that, along with psychological support, actual support is also important. 

“A man should minimize his visits to no-nonsense establishments - bars or restaurants. It is important to understand that the body of a pregnant woman is very susceptible to various infections. It is also better to exclude alcohol and smoking from your life in order not to create an unfavorable environment, ”the expert added.