The herpes virus in the body can manifest itself in the form of ulcers on all mucous membranes without exception. But if a cold in the mouth or nose, although it is more unpleasant, can be survived, then a cold on the lip is already aesthetics.

There is a question: how to quickly cure herpes on the lips

Let's start with the fact that many, including celebrities and models who seem to always look great, have cold sores on their lips. So you have no reason to be ashamed of him - this is how not only body positive works, but also common sense. 

In people with healthy immune systems, herpes sores usually completely disappear within two weeks... And, unfortunately, there is no medicine, product or action that can get you cold sore lips in a matter of hours. 

On the other hand, we understand that all this can cause serious aesthetic discomfort. And for this case, there are life hacks that will help you get rid of herpes faster.


One of the most important things in treating herpes on the lips is, don't wait a minute. The sooner you start his treatment, the higher the chance that serious manifestations can be contained in the bud. Here will help you over-the-counter antiviral ointment...

Advice: if you want to save money, look at the active ingredient in the composition. Often the packaging, brand and manufacturer affect the price of a product, while inside everything can be exactly the same. 

To speed up the healing process, when herpes begins to crust over, it is worth applying some moisturizer... So the cold will not crack, saving you from additional pain sensations.

Home remedies

Can home remedies be used to treat herpes on the lips? The question is rhetorical. Scientifically, their effectiveness has not been confirmed in any way or in no way. However, unlike applying a hot spoon to your lip (which you definitely don't need to do), some remedies can work. 

For example, you can try dilute apple cider vinegar in water, and then moisten a cotton swab with the solution and use light patting movements to walk over the affected area. The secret is that apple cider vinegar can fight some bacteria and viruses.

Also able to help tea tree oil, which very often becomes the main active ingredient in products for targeted acne control. The tool not only gently dries the skin, accelerating healing, but can also potentially fight the herpes simplex virus.

And there is also propolis - a waste product of bees that helps with wound healing and possibly has antiviral properties. 


Of course, ideally, you don't need to touch the wound at all for it to heal faster. But situations, we all understand, are different. And herpes, alas, will not wait until you have this or that important event. So if you need to somehow disguise a cold on your lips, use it for this. silicone makeup primer...

It is better to take persistent products intended for prolonged wear or filming under spotlights, so that nothing and nowhere will definitely crawl away. And then - apply the primer, let it dry a little, carefully cover the area with concealer and proceed to the usual lip makeup.

Tip: if you want no one to know about your cold on your lips at all, give up moisturizing lipstick and gloss in favor of matte lipstick (just not too dry) or just a pencil. 

In the final, we recall what not to do with herpes on the lips (unless, of course, you want it to heal for decades): do not touch the wound so as not to bring bacteria there, do not squeeze it out, because it is not a pimple, and do not pick the crust when it is already dry. And it is also wise to give up sour and spicy foods so as not to experience a burning sensation.