What is fraught with the desire to have a predatory look?

Plastic surgeon debunked 5 myths about the "fox eyes" operation

The long-known operation to correct the incision of the eyes has acquired a new name "fox eyes" and has become incredibly popular among instabloggers and celebrities. In social networks, "eyes" are advertised as a quick, painless manipulation that will turn any girl into Bella Hadid, and a doctor can even learn this technique through online courses. But is everything really that simple and safe? We asked Otari Gogiberidze, a plastic surgeon, chief physician of the Vremya krasoty clinic, to dispel five main myths about the "fox's eyes".

Myth 1. "Fox eyes" are only suitable for girls with an Asian type of appearance 

Indeed, quite often girls with an Asian cut of the eyes resort to such a technique for correcting the height of the fusion of the eyebrow in order to raise the outer edge of the eyebrow, correct the overhanging of the upper eyelid, emphasize the shape of the eye, and make the look more expressive. But all girls can do this operation, regardless of ethnicity.

Myth 2. "Fox eyes" - the main trend of plastic surgery in recent years 

Talking about trends in plastic surgery is not entirely correct. "Fox eyes", "cat eyes" are just a new name for those manipulations that were done 10 and 15 years ago, along with all other operations. But lately we have been really talking a lot about "eyes". The reason for this is top model and social media star Bella Hadid, whose predatory slanting eyes are admired by millions of subscribers. Obviously, the best plastic surgeons in the world have worked on the girl's appearance, so the fans are in a hurry to make adjustments to their face. In addition, such an open, raised upper eyelid always looks good in photographs, which is extremely important for bloggers and influencers. Personally, I don't really like the fact that as a result of the "peephole" faces of the same type are obtained with the same bend and lift of the eyebrow, expression and gaze.

Myth 3. "Eyes" can be done by any cosmetologist, this is a very simple technique 

"Fox Eyes" is a description of the result of an operation, not a process, and it can be achieved by different methods.

  • Endoscopic lifting: small incisions are made in the scalp at the temples, the skin and muscles are lifted and sutured, thus creating the desired shape of the outer corner of the eye. 
  • Blepharoplasty: During surgery to correct the upper and lower eyelids, the surgeon can also raise the outer corner of the eye, creating a slightly sly, "fox" look. 
  • Thread lifting: the outer edge of the eye and eyebrows are sutured with special threads above their normal position.
  • Botox or filler injections: The injections of the drug temporarily raise the upper eyelid and eyebrow, opening the eye.

Most Instagram cosmetologists use either a thread lift or a local, lightweight version of endoscopic lifting: an incision is made along the upper edge of the eyebrow, the excess skin necessary to form a new eyebrow is excised, then internal sutures are made that fix the soft tissues. Just this variant of the operation can be called a trend: quickly, with low trauma, under local anesthesia. 

Myth 4. After the "peephole" no scars remain

As I already explained, there are different techniques for creating fox eyes, and the likelihood of scar formation depends on the technique chosen. If a full-fledged endoscopic lifting is performed, then incisions are made in the scalp, where they remain almost invisible. This is how it differs from the popular "light version": there the incisions are made in a prominent place, above the upper eyebrow. Of course, each patient has his own individual characteristics of the skin, but an incision is in any case a violation of the integrity of the skin, which cannot pass without a trace. After thread lifting and injections, hematomas and small scars may remain. 

Myth 5. And one girl made "fox eyes" and went blind...

Yes, there are horror stories on the Internet that after the "peephole" someone went blind. You need to understand that the safety of your health directly depends on who you trust him. Manipulations in the offices of instacosmetologists who offer affordable prices, but do not have proper education and experience, can really lead to the most unpredictable consequences and health risks. An experienced professional plastic surgeon or dermatocosmetologist, although it costs much more, carries out all the necessary preoperative diagnostics, works in a team with professional verified medical staff and is responsible for the result and the patient's health both during the operation and during the rehabilitation period.