If you have ever thought about buying a perfume with pheromones, we have a couple of news for you. First, they don't work (we'll explain why below). Secondly, there is something you can do.

Perfume with pheromones: 5 facts that prove they don't work

1. Not enough evidence

Manufacturers of perfumes with pheromones, which promises to improve our mood and, most importantly, increase sexual attractiveness for people of the opposite sex, claim that all this is confirmed by scientific research. But the truth is that existing studies have beenfinanced by perfume companiesthat such perfumes produce. We do not have independent studies on the topic, and even with a fairly large sample. 

2. There may be no pheromones at all

Oxford biologist Tristram Wyatt found that the story of pheromones began in 1991when Erox identified and patented two molecules androstadienone and estratetraenol as "putative human pheromones." But the representatives of the company did not consider it necessary to explain why these are pheromones and whether there are others. Basically, the studies that are available today refer all to the same work 20 years ago.

3. Pheromones are not about smells

You should know that pheromones are not just specific smells that are characteristic of a particular person or cause some kind of emotion in him. These are the chemicals that emitted by all individuals of the speciesand always elicit a reflexive and identical response in others. Science has identified pheromones in unicellular organisms, plants, as well as insects and some vertebrates such as pigs and goats. Until now, nothing of the kind has been found in humans.

4. People are more complex and that's a problem

If we assume that human pheromones do exist, the process of their identification (and, moreover, inclusion in cosmetic formulas) would take a very long time... The problem is that, unlike animals, which have a reaction to the pheromone or not, our sexuality is not so binary and reflexive. There are many reactions, and they are very different from person to person.

5. Better to use products

Unlike perfumes with pheromones, perfumes with certain aromas can work in different directions: give energy (citrus fruits), improve concentration (coffee) and mood (chocolate), relax (lavender). So if you really want to get a nice bonus on the perfume you buy, rely on proven effectiveness. And let the pheromones wait a bit.