Is there nothing easier than making up eyelashes? In general, yes. But if you think a little, it turns out that here you can go to a meeting to exchange wisdom.

"Spider paws", "like false", "fox gaze": eyelash dyeing trends 2021

Eyelash coloring, whatever its type, in any case should take place in three stages: cleansing (you will be surprised, but sebum also accumulates on the hairs, which would be better removed with the help of a tonic), curling (where are you, curler, our faithful friend and helper?) and applying mascara. But how exactly to dye cilia in order to be the most fashionable this season, we will tell you right now. 

"Spider's feet"

Perhaps you once had a cheap mascara that did this without asking. But this season has already been in trend, so let's decidehow to get the result with normal mascara... Step one - apply it in several layers. Step two - glue the lashes with your fingers while the product is still wet. Done!

"Fox gaze"

Also known as Bella Hadid's look, this effect seems to be permanently entrenched on the catwalks and in life. To get the necessary incision, almost do not paint over the cilia in the inner corner of the eye, and when working with the outer corner, move your hand aside as much as possible. And don't forget about the shaded arrow to complete the picture. 

"Like invoices"

False eyelashes now at the peak of popularity, so if you are friends with them, do not deny yourself anything. But if they are not suitable for your eyes, if you cannot stand the sensation of something foreign to your eyes, or if there is some other reason, use mascara with a suitable effect. Tip: For impressive volume, pre-apply an eyelash primer. 

With emphasis on the lower eyelid

If you highlight only one eyelid with ink, then in the classic make-up it is customary to do this with the upper one. Try to break tradition - and emphasize only the lower lashes, and leave the upper ones as they are. To avoid imbalance on the face, it is important to draw the upper eyelid with a bright pencil or liner . You can also use neon shadows.

"As if without mascara"

Self-isolation turned makeup in two polar directions at once: one with crazy experiments and impressive brightness, the other with makeup without makeup in the literal sense of the word.If you set a course just for slow beauty and refusal from a lot of cosmetics, try not to dye your eyelashes at all. They can be twisted and, if necessary, covered with programmed eyebrow gel. It will turn out, you will see, very beautiful.

Nowhere straighter

If you have always been afraid of a curler (and you can be understood because the author of this material, for example, once with his help tore off almost all the eyelashes on his right eye), you will definitely like the option with straight eyelashes. Cilia in this case, if they have a noticeable natural curve,you need to artificially "straighten". And then paint over with colored ink to make it even more interesting.