If you want to spend New Year's holidays in the fresh air, make sure that your skin is protected. And if you are going to ride a slide - especially.

Not just a mask: how to protect your face in cold weather (especially when you are downhill)

1. Monitor the temperature

It makes sense that in winter you want to take a hot shower and wash your hands with hot water. But still try make the water warm, not hot... The fact is that hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture, which keeps it hydrated and protected. So adjust the temperature - and evaluate the result.

2. Include ceramides in your care

If your skin dries and itches in winter, the problem may be lack of nutrition. Choose hand and body creams with ceramides (ceramides) in the composition to solve this asterisk puzzle. Ceramides are found naturally in the skin, but can be degraded by harmful environmental factors. It is better to use products with them after a shower, when the skin is warm and damp, in order to seal the moisture in it and restore its protective barrier.

3. Dress wisely

If you are going to ride down the hill - and it does not matter whether skiing or on a cheesecake - you need to properly protect your skin with clothing. Hat, scarf and gloves or mittens should become your best friends for this time. A high-necked sweater and socks will also come in handy to keep the cold and wind out of your ankles. And stay away from materials that can irritate your skin.

4. Humidify the air

If everything is clear with moisturizing the skin in winter (this is important and necessary), then with humidifying the air everything may not be so obvious. However, the stronger the batteries in the apartment work, the drier the air in it and the worse, accordingly, your skin feels. So if replacing creams with denser and more nutritious ones did not help, consider buying a humidifier... 

5. Drink more water

And, of course, do not forget about hydrating the body from the inside. Drinking enough water will have a positive effect on your skin in winter (although doing this, in fairness, is important all year round ). Can you replace water with warm herbal or regular tea, add slices of lemon or other fruits to it for taste - as you like. It is worth limiting only drinks with sugar: they are dangerous not only in terms of calorie content, but also in terms of their effect on the skin too.