I want it like Instagram! How to get rid of the syndrome of "someone else's life"

Nowadays, Instagram bloggers seem to easily conquer the horizons and hearts of millions of subscribers. No one is left indifferent by vivid photographs and bold statements, while many followers, unnoticed by themselves, instead of building their own career and personal relationships, begin to devalue them. How to get rid of the syndrome of "someone else's life", thinking that someone is "always better"? For an answer to this question, we turned to a psychotherapist and an expert on working with the subconscious mind.

At the very beginning, you need to deal with what is happening inside you. When the very thought that “I want life like on Instagram” appears, it is important to note: it means that you are unhappy with yours, even without looking back at Instagram. Imagine that no one exists in the world: there are no stars, no bloggers, no your idols, no social network itself, instead you have all the opportunities and money of the whole world.

What would really bring you joy and satisfaction? How would you like to live, how to look and how would your typical day go? What is your mission and purpose? All this without competition, comparisons and the desire to be better than another.

It is important to understand that, on the one hand, if you like someone or someone's life, it means that something like that is already inside you! And this is a bell, as well as a guide, where you go next. If a person acts according to the principle “I want like a neighbor's” just for prestige, for comparison, but not for the soul, these are toys of the ego. They do not bring happiness, but are only a driving force towards your development. And at the end we get the "unfortunate achiever".

For example, you want to buy a Cadillac like a colleague at work, and your soul wants a red Ferrari. You need to understand yourself and go to goals at your own pace. It will bring a lot more joy, improve your results, and make you feel happy even if you are still on the road to your dream. And so in everything! See what your soul wants , listen to yourself and be happy!