This is a pleasant and harmless method to help you improve your life. But should we expect miracles from him? And if you wait, in what cases?

I Can Do Anything: Rules for Successful Affirmations (and a Little About Unsuccessful)

Affirmation  is one of the techniques that is designed to raise the psychological mood and improve life in every possible way. This is a short, positive phrase that needs to be repeated regularly in order for a change for the better to begin. How can affirmations really help? And what kind of help and in what cases should you definitely not expect from them?

Examples of affirmations:

  • "I love myself";
  • “My life is calm and beautiful”;
  • "I am happy in a relationship";
  • "My figure is slim";
  • "I can make money."

There are a lot of affirmations - in fact, everyone can come up with them for himself.

When Affirmations Don't Work

These statements are a kind of self-hypnosis. But just repeating them for suggestion is not enough.

First of all, it is important to pronounce them yourself. Today on the Internet, recordings of affirmations (with beautiful background music) are common, which you just need to listen to, and, supposedly, everything should immediately change for the better. However, this option is not believed to work.

Seeing an affirmation once, reading it and waiting for a miracle is also not worth it. It must be repeated regularly, several times a day every day - the brain must believe what it is being told.

Affirmation gives the desired attitude, but in some cases, some phrases are not enough, you also need to act. It is not enough to say to yourself: "I am slim" and at the same time do not change anything in your lifestyle.Most often, affirmation should not be the main, but an auxiliary method of positive changes in life.

Incorrectly worded affirmations do not work . They must necessarily be in the first person, in the present tense, without using the particle "not" and without the word "can" and more specific. “I achieve success in my career” is too general a statement, “I get the position of department director” is better.

If the pronunciation of affirmations causes you internal rejection, they will not work either. For this, first of all, it is important to choose exactly those that relate personally to you and your desires. More often than not, you will not say such affirmations for a long time, over time everything will come to naught.

Secondly, attitude is important . If you sit in tears or anger and persist in repeating affirmations in the hope that things will change now, this will not happen. Try an experiment: slouch, put on a sad expression on your face and say in a quiet, sad voice: "My life is wonderful." Do you believe yourself? Now straighten your shoulders, smile and cheerfully say: "Everything is terrible in my life." You will be, at least, funny. Therefore, train yourself, say affirmations, at the same time changing your appearance.

When Affirmations Work

  1. Repetition of statements will go better and more successful if, among a large number, you choose 2-3 that you need at the moment, and you will repeat exactly them. You should not throw yourself into all areas of life at once. Choose one. After a course of some repetitions, you will take on others.
  2. Try to believe what you are saying. Pass all statements through yourself.
  3. Do not forget to simultaneously change something in your life, take small steps. The affirmation should empower you, but not do everything miraculously for you.
  4. Affirmations work better if you use them to send signals to the brain. For example, you can not only speak aloud, but also write them, always on paper, and not on a computer -  hand motility is associated with the cerebral hemispheres .Try this technique: while speaking, squeeze one hand into a fist and knock it on the palm. Change your hands periodically. You can also say affirmations to the rhythm of your steps as you walk, like a counting line.

The main thing is to remember that these statements only help create a mood, at the same time develop the power of reason and notice that you are already coping with something yourself, and there is no need to repeat affirmations. Don't be addicted to them.