We tell you how, at the stage of acquaintance, to find out what qualities a person has, and to understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate with him or not.

How to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a person by his name (numerology will help)

Have you ever had such a thing that, when meeting a new person, you try to study him and understand whether it is worth getting in touch with him at all, doing joint projects and whether you can trust him? It often takes years for such a "study".

Earlier we talked about how by date of birth to understand whether you can get rich , in this article you will learn how using numerology, knowing only the name of a person, to count much more information about him. 

Step 1: name code

Date of birth, our language, numbers are the encoding of vibrations of different levels. And we recognize and decipher these vibrations through various techniques and tools. Thus, by understanding how the language (our name) can be represented as an encoding, we can extract the information we need. 

To work with the name, we will use the tool of Chaldean numerology (one of the oldest numerological schools -  ed.) , Which establishes correspondences between all letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1 to 9. 

You may have already guessed that all the letters in the name, patronymic and surname will need to be converted into numbers and written in a row in the same way as they are in the name. 

Example:we translate the name Marina into numbers. We get the number 519161.

Where does this result come from:

the letter M is the 14th in the alphabet, but we are considering only numbers from 1 to 9. Accordingly, we summarize 1 and 4. As a result, M is 5. We do the same with other letters. 

M - 5, A - 1, R - 9 (1 + 8), I - 1 (1 + 0), N - 6 (1 + 5), A - 1

In this series we see the energies of a person and can already draw a certain conclusion.

Based on these numbers, we can judge that a woman named Marina is characterized by:

  • a strong inner core, the ability to defend one's position ( this is the vibration of number 5 );
  • leadership qualities, good and competent speech, as well as developed intellect ( vibration of the number 1 );
  • inner experience, the ability to focus on one's own opinion in controversial moments, the ability to make decisions on one's own, the desire for secret knowledge, a love of learning. Vibrations of the number 9 are responsible for these qualities ;
  • the ability to be friends, love, care, housekeeping. Women with this name, for the most part, value relationships with a partner and need someone to always be with them. All this is the result of the influence of the number 6.

The first step helps us understand what qualities, given from birth, a person possesses. A similar procedure can and should be carried out with the patronymic and surname of the person (if you know them). 

Step 2: basic quality of the name

In the next step, we will summarize the numbers of the first name, the numbers of the patronymic, and the numbers of the surname separately. And we reduce it to a single-digit number to see the most important quality of this person (three main qualities - by name, patronymic, last name). 

Let's continue parsing the name Marina: the resulting number - 519161 - is summed up until we get an unambiguous result (5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 23; 2 + 3 = 5). 

So we learned the main quality of the name Marina (5). As we have already noted, the vibrations of the 5s are responsible for the inner core of a person, his freedom from stereotypes and attachments.

Thus, when hiring Marina, the employer must take into account that this person will perfectly cope with his duties only if he works independently. For people with a 5 in their name, it is important to have their own decision range. They will be most productive if they are not constrained in making decisions and actions. 

Step 3: numbers = quality

If any of the numbers prevails, this means that a person has many qualities of a particular number in his character. Accordingly, if neither the name, nor the patronymic, nor the surname has a specific number, it means that a person is completely lacking a quality “subordinate” to her.

But this is not a reason for frustration. The necessary skill, if desired, can be developed. However, you should not expect from a person who, for example, does not have the number 2 in his name, zeal to work in a team. He is more comfortable on his own. However, you can take advantage of this moment. For example, delegate to him an occupation where this quality will come in handy. 

Now let's analyze the rest of the concentration of numbers in the name: 

1-2 digits quality - the quality is shown moderately, the person shows it from time to time, according to the situation. 

3-4 digits - a person is very susceptible to this quality and it is in this area, where this quality is applicable, that he will succeed.

5 or more - a person is inclined to abuse this quality, go to extremes, go beyond boundaries and, on the contrary, feel helpless in this area where this quality is applicable. 

If, according to the same principle (summing up the numbers of the code), we work out the patronymic and surname, then in the end we will get  three main qualities of a person.  And the culmination of the calculations will be the identification of the most important quality of a person .

Guess how? Right! By adding all three qualities and bringing them to an unambiguous indicator.

Step 4: analysis of all qualities (numbers) of personality - from 1 to 9

Now it's time to tell what personality traits from 1 to 9 mean.

Council. When you calculate, do not forget to write down how many units of this or that quality (number) are in the code of the name (patronymic and surname), so you will find out how strongly the person manifests it.

Number 1

Man strives to be the first in everything!

Strengths: the  person loves to be the first in everything. He is self-reliant, independent and literally "gushes" with original ideas, not being afraid to take risks. This is a winner who can break stereotypes. 

Such people do not recognize authorities and always rely on their own strength. 

Weaknesses: such people are  not ready to live by someone else's rules. Sometimes this is good, because a single person destroys the system, but often due to the habit of going against others, he finds himself in stupid or even dangerous situations. 

Such a person can become successful : manager, leader, entrepreneur, teacher.

Number 2

For such a person, team spirit is important!

Strengths:  Two people feel best when they share their inner world with others. This is an active and successful person who gets along well with people, always ready to support and help. In return, she expects the same attitude.

Weaknesses: It can be quite difficult for “bads” to cope with difficulties on their own, they always need support. Left alone, they are prone to doubt and self-reflection. If their deep need to be in the company is not satisfied, and they are forced to be alone for a long time, then they find an interlocutor in ... their head! Such people can spend hours constructing conversation scenarios and even argue with their “inner friend” . Yes, the habit of talking to oneself is common to many people, but in this case it goes to the extreme and sometimes interferes with making the right decisions.

Such a person can be great: a team player, a peacemaker, an employee of charitable organizations, a partner, a negotiator. 

Number 3

Such a person seeks to do everything to be noticed!

Strengths:  People with a name number of 3 are friendly, sociable, easy-going, emotional. This is a public person who, like air, needs the attention of others. As natural born creators, Troikas are as good as anyone at creating anything out of nothing. Their motto is: "All life is a game." And they love to play. Troikas are looking for entertainment in everything, so they rarely get bored.

Weaknesses: It is very important for the Troika to be different and always be in the spotlight. If this does not happen, they suffer and their self-esteem drops. They can often behave irrational and even childish.

Such a person can be realized: in creative professions, writing, acting. 

Number 4

For such people, comfort, stability and order are important!

Strengths: the numerology of the name says that we have a person who is used to putting everything on the shelves. Foursome people have outstanding organizational skills and simply love to use them. For such a person, order in life, in relationships and in his own head is important. They are practical and solid people, patient, stress-resistant and calm. 

Weaknesses: to  those around them, they may seem overly materialistic, bogged down in everyday worries, but in fact, the Fours just want to live a calm life. Their main need is to be "safe and sound", to feel safe. Their desire for comfort is so strong that, at times, they miss out on interesting opportunities, because they are used to stability.

Such a person can become successful : an architect, event organizer, financier.

Number 5

They love freedom above all else!

Strengths: The Fives are born adventurers and the greatest pleasure for them is to explore new and expand the boundaries of their horizons. They may seem reckless at times, but there are those who are attracted to this.

Also, the Fives are independent individuals who demand respect for their freedom. They are multitasking and very curious. Fresh knowledge and information give them food for thought and new achievements. 

Weaknesses : It is very important for such people to feel freedom in their careers and in life. If this does not happen, they begin to "drown" in all sorts of rules and routines, become susceptible to depression on this basis. 

Such a person can be successful : reformer, inventor, freelancer, photographer, as well as any profession related to business trips. 

Number 6

"Sixes" are fighters for justice!

Strengths: They are excellent advisors, empaths, their thirst for justice has no boundaries. They are not alien to mercy, compassion, they always intercede for the helpless and wounded.

"Sixes" are wonderful family men, they are best at creating home comfort. This means that they pay a lot of attention to detail and usually make everything perfect.

Weaknesses: sometimes such people are too demanding of themselves and others. Their perfectionism goes to extremes. Loved ones periodically suffer from their desire to do everything perfectly. 

Such a person can be successful : in work related to the implementation of the law; judicial systems and charity. 

Number 7

They love to learn everything mysterious and secret!

Strengths: these are mystics, philosophers, they are well versed in the structure of the world and karmic laws. "Sevens" love to immerse themselves in occult sciences, delve into unexplained events and investigate UFOs. The greatest happiness for them is to find a kindred spirit. 

Weaknesses: such people do not seek to open their hearts to everyone and everyone, they are far from the reality of our world and acutely feel loneliness in the crowd. Because of the passion for thought, Seven people go so far in their thoughts that they simply miss the thread of the conversation, and this is not to everyone's liking.

Such a person can find a vocation: in yoga, astrology, philosophy, numerology

Number 8 

They strive to surround themselves with all the best!

Strengths: These are individuals who approach everything on a grand scale. They are able to implement ambitious business projects, manage people and financial assets. As a born businessman, this person shows his qualities most vividly when he runs a business. His need to constantly move up the career ladder makes him always look for a good deal. Such people are always bargaining and trying to negotiate. This is great for them!

Weaknesses: ego. If you do not control yourself and periodically do not "return to Earth", such people may have problems with the adequacy of the perception of reality. 

Often, it may seem to others that the G8 do not think about anything but money - they either earn it or think about how to get it.

Such a person can become successful: financier, manager, politician.

Number 9

A vulnerable soul!

Strengths:  it is customary to speak of such personalities as a "free artist". “Nine” is a sensitive nature with excellent intuition, always very subtly feels the atmosphere in the team. They are friendly and calm. Generosity and selflessness, serving people make them a great friend. Nines are born to be an assistant and even a lifeguard. They help others develop their talents and achieve their goals. They are able to consider potential in everything and will not allow themselves to miss the chance to help this potential realize.

Weaknesses: Can't stand criticism, even constructive criticism. They prefer to quit than to listen to constant remarks from their superiors. They are touchy and withdrawn, easily withdraw into themselves and for a long time.

Suitable for such a person : all creative professions, solitary professions, programming. They may also be inclined towards philosophy and esotericism.

Now you know how you can get information about a person at the stage of getting to know him. It. particularly useful for recruiters. They can find out in advance about the business qualities of candidates for any position. In addition, such knowledge reduces the time it takes to find common topics of conversation. And yet, we can immediately understand whether a leader is next to us or a driven person.