If your vacation is still far away, but you already want to look rested, self-tanning will help. Here's how to apply it correctly to get the perfect result.

How to apply self-tanner: 5 tips for perfect results


In order for any self-tanner, we are talking about a spray, lotion or napkins, to lay down as evenly as possible, it is important to remove dead particles from the skin, creating a flawless "canvas"... For the face it is better to use products with fruit acids, for the body - a scrub. Moreover, it is worth starting exfoliation 2-3 days before applying self-tanning. So the result will be even better.


If you are removing leg hair with a razor, do it not just before using a self-tanner, but in advance. itwill prevent accumulation of product droplets in the hair follicles and will help to avoid tanning spots. By the way, shaving immediately after self-tanning is also not a good idea. This will make it less resistant.

Moisturizing cream

For a smoother and longer tan, it is important how to moisturize the skin... If your skin is generally not dry, you can use a light moisturizing emulsion. But on areas that require special attention, such as elbows and knees, it is helpful to put a nourishing cream. Let the products soak before you start applying your self-tanner. 

Places of application

Think about what clothes and shoes do you usually wear to make sure all exposed areas are covered with self-tanning. For example, if you want to highlight your face with self-tanning napkins, don't forget about your neck. As for the body, the top of the feet and arms are most often overlooked. Watch this so as not to spoil the impression. 


If you plan to use a self-tanner, allocate time for this... Firstly, if you do not rush, it will be possible to avoid gaps and imperfections in the application. Secondly, self-tanning takes at least 15 minutes to "sit down" on the skin, so after the procedure, you should walk around the apartment a little or, for example, dance in front of the mirror , if you prefer this option.