How it will be: the main beauty trends of 2021

 The year 2021 has just arrived, but we already know a lot about the beauty trends that will be with us for the next 12 months. We have collected the most important things for you - study and remember.

Attention to hygiene

If earlier we did not perceive hand soap and antiseptics as something from the field of "beauty", now it is a complete category of beauty products... We are looking for the first with the maximum number of caring components in the composition so as not to dry out the delicate skin of the hands, the second - with complex perfume compositions that turn this "alcohol bomb" into something beautiful (well, or almost).

Transparency of formulations

Today it is not enough for us to know that the cosmetics we use are effective. We want to understandwhat is included in this or that product, why it works and how to make it work even better (maybe apply in the evening instead of in the morning, or, for example, combine with other care products). And by the way, the responsible attitude of brands to the environment is also gaining in importance. 

Blue light protection

Although nothing has been conclusively proven about the ability of blue light to accelerate aging , we have becomespend more time behind the screens of computers and smartphones... And, therefore, they began to worry more about it. Therefore, every girl can be expected to have at least one blue filter skin product in 2021. For the sake of interest and just in case.

Fight against maskne

Now masks (and not with clay, but medical masks) are our must-have accessory. And, unfortunately, masks - pimples that appear on the lower half of the face due to the "greenhouse effect" under the mask - too. This will helpsoothing skin sprays and nourishing masks, which, we will wang, will appear more and more in online and offline stores. And we are happy.

Long lasting lipstick

Despite the fact that with masks all the accents in makeup have shifted to the eyes , in the new year, experts predictwe will start actively painting lips again... Let for yourself and for selfies, but still. The requirements for the lipstick will be as follows: with a pleasant texture, no stickiness, moisturizing and as long-lasting as possible. Will we have super long-lasting gloss? Nothing can be ruled out. 

Professional home care

We've already said that Pinterest called skinimalism , minimalism in skin care, the main trend of 2021. Therefore, professional care products will be in fashion.procedures for which you do not need the help of a cosmetologist... Advanced peels, microneedles, LED masks (just like Iron Man!), Facial massagers and care systems from several complementary products. Sounds great, right?