In our youth, it seems to us that we know everything better than mothers and grandmothers. Especially about relationships that are now being built in a completely different way than before. But other generations also have something to advise.

Granny is right: 8 old relationship tips that still work

Modern relations are built in a completely different way - not like before . We get to know each other on the Internet, more often we take the initiative, we want to get on our feet first, and only then start a family. And yet our grandmothers can tell us some wise advice about relationships and men, which seems to be obvious, but we completely stopped paying attention to them. But these rules still work.

1. Don't look for love on purpose

You should not specifically look for someone somewhere, strive to get married with might and main (especially if you really don't want to rush to get married, but just pressure from the outside). First of all, find yourself, try to become a harmonious person, do what is important and interesting to you. In this case, your man himself will appear in your life.

2. Appearance is not the main thing

Think about it on the first date. As a rule, we first pay attention to external data, profession, income. But it is very important to immediately look at personal qualities .Watch how he talks with others (with waiters in a cafe, for example), how he behaves, what he talks about. Small details will tell you how he will behave with you in the case of your relationship.

3. The first step is taken by a man (but not without help)

Today, with the rise of feminism, women increasingly feel equal in their dealings with men. And yet the stronger sex wants to be strong. If you really want to go out on a date, don't rush to invite him yourself . But gently hint about it (with a smile, without whims and reproaches). If a man wants, he will understand all the hints.

4. Look for someone with common interests

This is easier than it sounds. It is not necessary to draw up detailed questionnaires listing hobbies for this. Previously, people often met at work or where they went to do something interesting to them - be it a gym or a creative studio. Common interests always bring people together, and it's easier to start a conversation.

But just going to clubs or bars in search of the Prince is just impractical - no one knows who gets there.

5. Meet through friends

Previously, if a friend acted as a matchmaker, it was considered quite normal. Today, this method of dating is practiced less and less. But in vain. After all, friends will try to introduce you to someone better - this is not just a blind selection of profiles online.

6. Communicate more in person

Online communication is very developed today. And in the modern world this is quite normal. But stilldo not delay the correspondence, but rather go to personal communication, at least by phone. It will tell you much more about a person.

7. Relationships are always a compromise.

Relationships cannot always be perfect. Even the most beautiful man may sooner or later disappoint or upset in some way. And that's okay. You don't need to think that this is a reason to break up or just complicates things a lot. Both partners should always be ready to compromise - this is the law of finding harmony. Relationships don't just work out by themselves.

8. Your relationship doesn't concern anyone else

Whether you meet only on weekends or every day, whether you live together without marriage registration or not - it doesn't matter at all. The main thing is that you are happy together. The rest does not concern anyone, who would not discuss and advise you.